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Elder Walter F. Gonzalez: ‘Learning with our Hearts’

Elder Walter F. Gonzalez: ‘Learning with our Hearts’

When people know Jesus Christ with all their heart and mind, they will receive knowledge from God unobtainable by any other means, said Elder Walter F. González of the Presidency of the Seventy.

In the story of "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the prince befriends a fox. The fox shared a secret with the prince: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

All have access to knowledge to heaven when they read the scriptures, pray, follow the prophet and take time to be still and feel celestial promptings.

He cautioned individuals against iniquity and forgetting the Lord, two actions that will impede the ability to receive revelation.

"Iniquity hampers our ability to see, feel and love others. Being quick to remember the Lord by praying with all the energy of heart and bringing to mind our spiritual experiences expands our ability to see and feel the things of Christ."

He asked each to remember the times of peace following tribulation, or when daily activities were shifted to follow a prompting from the Spirit. Remembering these experiences is essential in order to "feel and live."

"Those who receive knowledge, not from flesh and blood but from our Heavenly Father, do know of a surety that Jesus is the Christ and this is His Church. That very knowledge provides strength to make necessary changes to come unto Christ or to follow Him. For this reason, we invite every soul to now be baptized, repent and turn unto Him, now."

Each soul can know that eternal life can come through Jesus Christ. Repentance helps alleviate unnecessary pain.

"Thanks to Him, wounded souls may be healed and broken hearts may be mended. There is no burden that He cannot ease or remove. He knows about our infirmities and sicknesses. I promise and testify to you that when all doors seem to be closed, when everything else seems to fail, He will not fail you."

Christ can help calm and heal individuals, marriages and families who are struggling with any matter.

"I know of a surety that all of this is true. For this reason I join my voice with that of the early inhabitants of Ancient America, exclaiming, 'Hosanna! Blessed be the name of the Most High God!'"

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