American Mothers, Inc. chooses state representatives

Each year the American Mothers, Inc., a non-profit organization established in 1935, recognizes two representatives — a Young Mother of the Year and a Mother of the Year — from each U.S. state and territory. A national convention is held each spring to honor the representatives from each state. Among those representatives are some members of the Church:

Mother of the Year 2012 representatives:

Cathy Shepherd, Arizona

Beverly Nelson, California

Sheri Clark, Florida

Bobbie Jager, Oregon

Cynthia Richards, Utah

Young Mother of the Year 2012 representatives:

Melissa Bawden, Arizona

Darcy Ure, California

Janny Keala Gibson, Hawaii

Stephanie Harris, Idaho

Amber Jensen, New Hampshire

Erin Cranor, Nevada

Amanda Larimer, Oregon

Gabrielle Cheney, Texas

Lori Conger, Utah

Readers aware of a state representative not listed may notify Marianne Holman at

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