New stake presidents

Stake reorganizations

BARCELONA SPAIN STAKE: (April 27, 2013) President — Ricard March Llaurado, 40, layout designer; succeeding Angel Herraiz Huete; wife, Maria Rebeca Azanero Murillo. Counselors — Juan Silvestre Padros, 49, general manager at Howard Iberica S.A.; wife, Montserrat Pla Alvarez. Gilberto Nieto Quintero, 45, technical engineer at Cobra Instalaciones; wife, Cecilia Giraldo Velez.

BOGOTA COLOMBIA KENNEDY STAKE: (April 13, 2013) President — Rafael A. Lopera Leon, 34, laundry supervisor for the Bogota Columbia Temple; succeeding Julian A. Palacio Posada; wife, Fanny Jasmin Mojica M. Counselors — Julian David Martinez Romero, 25, head of unemployment at Porvenir S.A.; wife, Ximena Andrea Bunilla H. Carlos Enrique Melendez Cuentas, 47, software consultant with Exsis Software; wife, Aida Munar Melendez.

CARIACICA BRAZIL STAKE: (April 14, 2013) President — Daniel Ferreira Da Cunha, 29, second assistant at Faesa; succeeding Ailton Aguirres; wife, Daiane Rodrigues De Sousa Cunha. Counselors — Fabio Recla, 37, salesman; wife, Gilsara Rodrigues De Sousa. Claudio Bodrine Gomes, 41, prosthetic technician at Laboratorio Boldrine; wife, Marilda Pinto Santos Boldrine Gomes.

CHIMBOTE PERU STAKE: (May 5, 2013) President — Zetty Samuel Davalos Cano, 39, collections advisor at Banco de Credito; succeeding Moises J. Olivera Sifuentes; wife, Yamila Yaeli Barrozo Rodriguez. Counselors — Manuel Rogendo Sifuentes Fernandez, 56, maintenance technician for the Church; wife, Hermelinda Gloria Varas Gil. Jorge Luis Neciosup Gonzales, 30, commercial executive; wife, Milagritos Isela Manrique Fernandez.

FRANKFURT GERMANY STAKE: (April 28, 2013) President — Mark-Rene Harth, 43, flight captain for Lufthansa; succeeding Axel H. Leimer; wife, Ronja Hildegard Kellmeier Harth. Counselors — Horst Grunewalder, 66, production manager; wife, Monica Ramsperger Grunewalder. Michael Peter Stewart Newcome, 55, Europe Area distribution manager; wife, Daniela Hedwig Klewin Newsome.

GARLAND UTAH STAKE: (May 8, 2013) President — Brent Owen Deakin, 53, senior supervisor operations; succeeding William L. Rose; wife, Tamira Campbell Deakin. Counselors — Ryan Dee Olsen, 42, seminary instructor; wife, Brenda Ruth Eames Olsen. Brent L. Rose, 57, rancher/manager; wife, Janet Folsom Cowley Rose.

GUADALAJARA MEXICO UNION STAKE: (April 28, 2013) President — Ricardo Chavez Chico, 45, business owner; succeeding Javier Lorenzo Mejorada Santoyo; wife, Patricia Rios Andujo. Counselors — Samuel Mendoza Torres, 36, institute secretary for Seminaries and Institutes; wife, Caila Sarai Cuevas Rodriguez. Celada Jimenez Armando, 37, engineer with IBM; wife, Diana Valeria Gamino Alfaro.

ICA PERU STAKE: (April 21, 2013) President — Manuel Hernan Contreras Herrera, 42, coordinator for Seminaries and Institutes; succeeding Juan L. Tejada Hinojoza; wife, Saby Manchego de Contreras. Counselors — Rolando Francisco Balbuena Sotelo, 54, employed by Flores de Villacuri; wife, Mery Luz Soldebilla Luna. Sabino Segundo Racchumi Jurupe, 48, senior technician for the Church; wife, Rosario Calle Torres.

LEXINGTON KENTUCKY NORTH STAKE: (May 5, 2013) President — James L. Jenkins, 46, finance director at Xerox Business Services; succeeding Parker C. Fawson; wife, Jennie Forsgren Jenkins. Counselors — Rex Tingey Holt, 46, eBusiness manager at Lexmark; wife, Veronica Isabel Vargas Holt. C. Linton Wells II, 47, contract manager for AT&T; wife, Roanna Beth Ferguson Wells.

MANAUS BRAZIL SAMAUMA STAKE: (April 28, 2013) President — Fernando Regio Mendes De Castro, 47, warehouse assistant; succeeding Kennedy F. Canuto; wife, Marinete Ferreira de Oliveira. Counselors — Romulo Pereira Andes, 42, self employed; wife, Maria Filmena Gomes Andrade Andes. Alessanoro Batista Neves, 32, Rosangela Teixeira de Arauso Neves.

MESA ARIZONA LEHI STAKE: (April 21, 2013) President — Clark R. Richter, 61, attorney at Udall Shumway; succeeding Craig M. Ahlstrom; wife, Joyce Lynnete Drake. Counselors — Mark Christopher Bohn, 50, attorney at Boyer Bohn; wife, Denise Martindale Bohn. Randy W. Spencer, 54, veterinarian; wife, Cheryl Lynn Walrath Spencer.

MINERSVILLE UTAH STAKE: (April 28, 2013) President — Michael Ray Swanson, 51, school teacher; succeeding William C. Garrett; wife, Janiece Barton Swanson. Counselors — Chad Steven Hollingshead, 57, teacher; wife, Valerie Madsen Hollingshead. Bryan Leroy Harris, 40, project development manager for First Wind Energy; wife, Tiffany Riley Harris.

PARIS IDAHO STAKE: (May 5, 2013) President — Shane Dell Roberts, 56, dairyman/rural carrier for USPS; succeeding Franklyn K. Crawford; wife, Shauna Lee Baird Roberts. Counselors — Kam Evan Jarman, 45, physical therapist at Bear Lake Physical Therapy; wife, RuthAnn Mitchell Jarman. Eric Delmas Wamsley, 39, ranch hand/owner of Delmas Equipment; wife, Marie Blazzard Wamsley.

ROME ITALY STAKE: (April 28, 2013) President — Paolo Petrollini, 32, director of works for a construction site; succeeding Massimo De Feo; wife, Ester Consoli Petrollini. Counselors— Andrea Rondinelli, 51, team manager; wife, Mariela Barragan Sanchez. Alessandro Dini Ciacci, 35, translation department supervisor; wife, Sara Squarcia Dini Ciacci.

SAO BERNARDO BRAZIL RUDGE RAMOS STAKE: (March 24, 2013) President — Ricardo Barcelos Da Costa, 37, physics professor; succeeding Roney Tadeu da Silva; wife, Patricia Gama Da Conceicao. Counselors — Joao Carlos Assoni, 59, national sales manager; wife, Sueli Terizinha Carnevali Assoni. Leandro Pereira Jacomini, 32, systems analyst; wife, Amanda Jacomini.

ST. GEORGE UTAH BLOOMINGTON HILLS STAKE: (May 5, 2013) President — Gilbert Michael Almquist, 55, landscaper; succeeding Donald T. Lyman; wife, Jill Ann Halverson Almquist. Counselors — Kirby Dean Winder, 54, vice president at KST Data Inc.; wife, Roxanne Lezlie Doty Winder. Bruce Allen Clark, 48, chief operations officer; wife, Beverly Bishop Clark.

TRUJILLO PERU CENTRAL STAKE: (April 28, 2013) President — William Carlos Rabanal Alva, 42, business official; succeeding Segundo S. Otiniano Rodriguez; wife, Giovanna Elizabeth Da Rabanal N. Medina. Counselors — Julio Federico Caeres Salaverry, 53, business owner; wife, Norma Chuquicusma Roman. Carlos Javier Rodriguez Saldana, 31, credit analyst; wife, Melody Leny Quispe Sanchez.

WALLA WALLA WASHINGTON STAKE: (May 4, 2013) President — John Norman Rowley, 50, product manager at Nelson Irrigation; succeeding Kelly W. Brown; wife, Lynette Kay Rhoten Rowley. Counselors — Daniel Wesley Leonard, 55, owner of Gordon's Heating and Cooling; wife, Elizabeth Rhodes Leonard. Todd Gibbons Anderson, 50, optometric physician; wife, Lorna Lynne Roskelley Anderson.

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