Missionary Moment: Sharing with friends

The Aaronic Priesthood's Duty to God program is replete with missionary opportunities. Young men are challenged to look for opportunities to share the gospel with others.

Christopher Harris, an 18-year-old priest from Douglas, Wyo., has learned that the best way to prepare for full-time missionary work is to, well, do missionary work.

Like most high school students, Christopher has become adroit at navigating social media. His Facebook page doubles as his personal testimony web site. He utilizes the popular social network to share his beliefs and love for the gospel.

One of Christopher's Facebook friends was intrigued by his strong testimony. She approached him at school and asked how she could become closer to her Heavenly Father. Christopher was eager to help. Soon the young woman was attending family home evenings with a member family in Douglas and learning the power of prayer.

Christopher again followed the Duty to God pattern of sharing with others when he introduced the gospel to a classmate named Tabitha. He was first a friend to Tabitha, introducing her to member families who could make her feel at home at Church. Later the missionaries were invited to teach Tabitha the discussions.

Martin Harris, an adult member who has supported Christopher's Duty to God efforts, said the young man is an effective missionary because he firmly believes the sacred principles he shares with his friends.

"Christopher is bold and fearless in expressing his testimony and he is unafraid to love," wrote Brother Harris.

Not everyone in Christopher's circle of acquaintances has accepted his missionary message. No matter. He remains a friend to all. He respects each person's right to choose.

"He shows love and compassion," added Brother Harris.

A strong student, Christopher will earn an associate's degree shortly after high school graduation. Then he plans to take the teaching skills he learned through Duty to God into the mission field. — Jason Swensen

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