Becoming a victor

Credit: Marianne Holman Prescott
Credit: Marianne Holman Prescott

“We are not sent to this earth to be victims,” Elder Gregory A. Schwitzer of the Second Quorum of the Seventy said during a devotional for LDS Business College students in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square on Oct. 28.

“We live in a society now that has the tendency to create victims,” he said. “I want to talk to you about the difference between being a victim and being a victor. …

“[Victims] rarely see within themselves the capacity to excel,” he said. “Victims often cannot interpret the environment around them, they don’t see themselves in a certain way or see their circumstances as such that they are able to discern what the truth is and they blame everything on everyone else, rather than seeing an opportunity to walk away a victor.”

Individuals become victors as they use their experiences for good — rather than blaming everything on everyone else — and by looking for solutions that give them strength and endurance.

Just as Paul described himself as “winning the race” despite many difficult circumstances, individuals are able to develop a mind of a victor as they turn their situations into learning experiences.

Elder Schwitzer gave five examples of how individuals are able to develop the mind of a victor as they turn difficult circumstances into an opportunity to become a victor.

1. Acquiring an understanding of the true relationship they have with their Heavenly Father.

A true understanding of the concept that all have a loving Father who protects them, instructs them, and helps them understand truth helps as an individual uses this knowledge to become a victor.

2. Have confidence in the promises God has made.

Just as the Lord promised in the scriptures that those who keep His commandments will prosper, so is that promise given today.

“If we keep the commandments we shall not perish,” Elder Schwitzer said.

3. Recognize the priesthood is on the earth.

“Earn power by righteous living,” Elder Schwitzer taught.

It isn’t enough to just be ordained an elder, priesthood holders must become the type of person worthy to bless all with whom they associate. Every individual has the responsibility to live “having the Holy Spirit with us to such an extent that He should tell us all to do.”

Victors live in a way they are able to have the Spirit with them to bless others.

4. Build upon a very strong foundation of commandment keeping.

By keeping the commandments, individuals are able to have confidence in a Heavenly Father who will help them become victorious.

“We will have no fear if we do what He wants us to do,” he said.

5. Have unity and love for each other.

Whether it is helping someone succeed in school or being a good friend to someone, victors show love to other people and help them to excel.

“We could all stand a little help from time to time,” Elder Schwitzer said.

Just as Christ did not boast or put Himself above any one else, so can His followers as they unite with others and show love to all.

“Eternal life is not meant to be alone,” he said.

Above all, relying on the Savior helps individuals build a strong foundation on which they are able to become victors as they face difficulties. @marianne_holman

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