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Online registration for seminary

Online registration for seminary

Seminary registration is now available online to parents in the U.S. and Canada.

The Seminary Registration Online User’s Guide found on the website,, states: “Seminary Registration Online is a self-service web-based tool for parents and guardians of seminary-aged youth to register their youth for seminary. It also provides important seminary registration tools for bishoprics, clerks and stake priesthood leaders.”

Parents are asked to provide their child’s year in school and what school they will be attending with the online registration system, and will be able to sign and submit parent/guardian agreements and update their contact information. The online registration system also gives priesthood leaders the option to see how many of the youth belonging to their ward or stake are registered for seminary. The registration system also has the ability to send reminders to the parents of youth who aren’t signed up for seminary.

“Seminary Registration Online will expedite the registration process and give seminary administrators more accurate potential enrollment information,” according to the Seminary Registration Online User’s Guide.

Parents do not have to use the online registration system and can still use the printed forms found online or with a seminary teacher or bishopric member. Registering students for released time online does not register the child with their high school, which needs to be done separately, according to

Seminary registration can be accessed online at

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