New stake presidents

ALPINE UTAH STAKE: (Feb. 23, 2014) President — Alan Dickson Taylor, 51, CFO of Adoptive Computing; succeeding Joseph T. Nilson; wife, Paula Sonntag Taylor. Counselors — Lance Roy Davis, 51, self employed; wife, Karen Jane Stuy Davis. Jared Leroy Bentley, 47, senior director of global product marketing at NU Skin Enterprises; wife, Mary Amanda Smith Bentley.

BILLINGS MONTANA EAST STAKE: (Mar. 2, 2014) President — Larry Brian Zaccardi, 47, health care consultant at Pfizer; succeeding Spencer R. Griffin; wife, Tamara Page Zaccardi. Counselors — Benjamin Deputy Wardell, 48, discipline manager at Worley Parsons; wife, Natalie Hibbert Wardell. Chris K. Hanson, 50, laboratory tech at Phillips 66; wife, Donna Marie Mercer Hanson.

BOZEMAN MONTANA STAKE: (Feb. 23, 2014) President — Frank Jaeson Repscher, 39, dentist; succeeding David S. Heap; wife, Tracy Leigh Mallory Repscher. Counselors — Michael Wayne Hetherington, 65, intern therapist with Acadia Health Care; wife, Kathryn Jean Peters Hetherington. Michael William Kroff, 47, associate professor of marketing at Montana State University; wife, Donna Katherine Woodall Kroff.

JUNDIAI BRAZIL STAKE: (Dec. 8, 2013) President — Jose Carlos Pierina, 47, industrial director for Grafica Burti; succeeding Domingos Fatobene Junior; wife, Andrea Viviana Jara Baenaybar Pierina. Counselors — Jeferson Mos, 45, professor; wife, Edlizete Rosa Farias Mos. Thiago Rocha, 30, business owner; wife, Erica Aparecim Echica Rocha.

LAKE OSWEGO OREGON STAKE: (Feb. 9, 2014) President — David Bruce Lake, 55, VP Health Plan Ops. for Kaiser Foundation HP; succeeding R. Scott Stevenson; wife, Marissa Berhold Lake. Counselors — Mark Wylie Hornibrook, 62, CEO of Precoa; wife, Martha Ane Herrin. Bryan Lynn Welton Jr., 36, chairman/founder of Namify; wife, Jenny Lynn Lamenga.

LEHI UTAH STAKE: (Feb. 23, 2014) President — Kory Alan Boyd, 36, CEO of KS Marketing Inc.; succeeding Stanley R. Smith; wife, Stephanie Sue Bowman Boyd. Counselors — William W. Gray, 53, regional administrative director at Intermountain Healthcare; wife, Jennifer Anne Veach Gray. Kevin Douglas Whitehead, 34, instructor, Seminaries and Institutes; wife, Melany Lynn Rice Whitehead.

LIMA PERU VILLA MARIA STAKE: (Feb. 16, 2014) President — Alex Javier Arangoltia Solar, 34, executive director at Mentors Peru; succeeding Castro Aza F. Guillermo; wife, Flor Julissa Chancahuana Marcos. Counselors — Moises Portocarrero Moreno, 48, laboratory technician; wife, Melina Castaneda Gabriel. Aldo Israel Vilchez Quispe, 39, independent contractor; wife, Gisella Jeanette Luna de la Cruz.

LOGAN UTAH MARRIED STUDENT 1ST STAKE: (Feb. 23, 2014) President — Boyd Glen Rowley, 60, graphic design manager for Square One Printing; succeeding D. Ray Reutzel; wife, Connie Jean Perry Rowley. Counselors — LaVon Taylor Farnsworth, 58, site operations manager for Northrop Grumman; wife, Sandra Campbell Farnsworth. Curtis James Hanks, 57, administrator with the Cache School District; wife, Nancy Bankhead Hanks.

LONGVIEW WASHINGTON STAKE: (Feb. 23, 2014) President — Rick Lynn Marshall, 51, president/owner of training/marketing company; succeeding Gary D. Bolen; wife, Bonnie Jean Bowen Marshall. Counselors — Michael Joseph Naillon, 41, hospitalist at Kaiser Permanente; wife, Jami Waddell Naillon. Kris N. Christianson, 65, registered principal at Farmers Insurance; wife, Carolyn Christianson.

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