Church History Museum “Practicing Charity” exhibit available online

An online version of the Church History Museum’s “Practicing Charity: Everyday Daughters of God” exhibit is available for those unable to physically attend.

Exhibit viewers can visit and take a virtual walk through the exhibit’s features including interactive videos and artist interviews.

The exhibit focuses on womanhood and the Young Women values and includes art from Latter-day Saint artists Lee Bennion, Brian Kershisnik and Kathy Peterson.

“These paintings depict the divine nature of women while simultaneously celebrating the importance of their everyday lives,” said Laura Hurtado, curator for the exhibit in a release on

An “About the Exhibit” statement on the site defines charity and the practice of it as a means to live more like the Savior.

“Even though we are not perfect, our service mirrors eternity, and our efforts manifest a deep devotion,” the statement reads. “Indeed, as everyday daughters of God, we participate in a grand work. … As women of all ages, we understand that in the daily things we do, we can come to know who we are and who we have the potential to become, and we faithfully ‘practice charity’ each day.”

The online portion of the exhibit also offers a list of links to resources that can be used by viewers and leaders alike, including an activity guide and Personal Progress and Faith in God Activity Guides. These guides can be downloaded and used to complete Personal Progress value experiences and Faith in God for Girls requirements.

These guides can also be used while visiting the exhibit at the museum, located at 45 N. West Temple in Salt Lake City.

Other online exhibits can be viewed at, including “Portraits of Childhood: Behold Your Little Ones” and “A Good Turn Daily: 100 Years of Scouting and the Aaronic Priesthood,” among others.

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