Organization recognizes mothers

Each year, American Mothers, Inc. selects women from each of the 50 states and Puerto Rico as the Mother of the Year and the Young Mother of the Year.

“Our mothers are just so wonderful,” said Vivian Dibb, second vice president of American Mothers, Inc. “We value mothers and want to help promote mothers. [Our organization] attracts mothers that are interested in family.”

This May the organization recognized Heidi Lin Kim of Hawaii as National Mother of the Year and Gerre Schwert of Tennessee as National Young Mother of the Year; both are members of other faiths. Of all those honored as Mother of the Year or Young Mother of the Year for their states, 17 are members of the Church.

Sister Dibb said that it seemed to her that there “is something different, unique and outstanding” about LDS women that judges who are not Latter-day Saints can see.

According to the mission statement of American Mothers, Inc., the organization gives mothers the opportunities of service, influence and honor. “Many communities and neighborhoods of women want to serve in their community but do not know where or how to serve. American Mothers gives them this ability to serve and meet others.”

Young Mother of the Year representatives who are LDS:

Arizona—Jill Geigle

California—Jocelyn Hansen

Colorado—Kat Reynolds

North Dakota—Lindsey Nelson

Nevada—Nikki Butler

Texas—Jessica Merrifield

Utah—Breanne Meline

Washington—Sarah Passey

Wisconsin—Amy Brinton

Mother of the Year representatives who are LDS:

Alaska—Mary Fairbanks

Arizona—Lila Shoemaker

California—Janna O’Bryant

Illinois—Kathryn Holyoak

Kansas—Sheri Hills

Utah—Melanie Stoker

Washington—Celeste Mergens

Wyoming—Kristin Bringhurst

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