Consistency is key to parenting

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Sarah Passey


There are many keys to parenting, and not all keys work for everyone. But for the Washington state Young Mother of the Year, consistency is a key that works.

“Part of my parenting philosophy is to listen to and follow inspiration,” said Sarah McKenna Passey of the Cheney 2nd ward in the Spokane Washington West Stake. “I was concerned early on that my children would go astray with all the influences in the world. We decided we would start some things in our family, including prayer every morning and night and family home evening — we don’t miss it. As we’ve continued to do those things, I’ve seen my kids develop testimonies and be close to us.”

It is those consistent habits, Sister Passey said, that will help her family to “be an eternal family.”

Sarah McKenna met Jared Passey while in high school in Utah. They were married in 1993 and later sealed in the Jordan River Utah Temple. They are raising seven children, the oldest of whom is serving in the New York Rochester Mission.

Sister Passey said she has had several examples of good mothers in her life, including her own mother, Jane McKenna, who was named as the 2002 Utah Mother of the Year, and her mother-in-law, Joan Hymas Passey.

Being a stay-at-home mom, she said, has been instrumental in raising her large family. “It allows me to be here whenever they need me. It allows me to focus on being their mom instead of [having] distractions.”

Since being named the representative for Young Mother of the Year in Washington state, Sister Passey has wanted to be able to make a difference for other mothers in her community. She is in the process of starting an American Mothers, Inc. chapter in Washington.

“[I’m] planning to help moms learn about consistency, nutrition and service,” she said. She hopes to be able to reach out to the community and offer guest speakers at the meetings.

Though motherhood has its ups and downs, she sums up the best thing about being a mom: Love.

“When I spend time with [my children] and feel so much love for them, I can see that love in their eyes. It makes everything worth it.”

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