Elder Kim B. Clark: ‘Eyes to See and Ears to Hear’

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Credit: Screenshot

Throughout Christ’s mortal ministry, some who saw Him heal and heard Him teach rejected Him. Others, however, including His faithful apostles, believed, loved and followed Him, said Elder Kim B. Clark of the Seventy.

“Of them, Jesus said: ‘[B]lessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear’" (Matthew 13:16).

Christ promised His disciples, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father” (John 14:12).

In his remarks in the Sunday afternoon session of general conference, Elder Clark said Jesus fulfilled that promise when the disciples were blessed with the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost. “Through faith in Christ, repentance, and obedience, the Holy Ghost became their companion, changed their hearts, and blessed them with an abiding witness of the truth.”

Elder Clark noted that individuals today live in “a time of great evil and temptation, a time of confusion and commotion.”

In these perilous times, “whatever level of spirituality or faith or obedience we now have, it will not be sufficient for the work that lies ahead,” Elder Clark said. “We need greater spiritual light and power. We need eyes to see more clearly the Savior working in our lives and ears to hear His voice more deeply in our hearts.”

This blessing comes as individuals open their hearts to receive Jesus Christ, His doctrine and His Church, Elder Clark explained. “If we take upon us the name of Christ, act with faith in Him to repent of our sins, keep His commandments, and always remember Him, we will receive the companionship of the Holy Ghost through the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ.”

Elder Clark explained, “Simple obedience brings the Spirit into our hearts.”

Elder Clark promised that as Church members pray, search the scriptures, keep the Sabbath day holy, partake of the sacrament, participate in sacred ordinances, reach out to others and invite them to Christ, “the Holy Ghost will come."

“We will grow spiritually and gain experience with the Holy Ghost, and He will be our companion. If we will look to Christ and open our eyes and our ears, the Holy Ghost will bless us to see the Lord Jesus Christ working in our lives, strengthening our faith in Him with assurance and evidence.”

Elder Clark testified that whether “in a remarkable burst or in a gentle flow,” the companionship of the Holy Ghost and light of the gospel can cut through confusion, pain and darkness.

“Our burdens truly will be swallowed up in the joy of [our Redeemer]’" (Alma 27:17).

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