Church offers emergency food storage education to members and neighbors alike

Credit: Jennifer Martino
Credit: Jennifer Martino
Credit: Jennifer Martino
Credit: Jennifer Martino
Credit: Jennifer Martino


Enthusiasm for preparedness was palpable at a recent food storage class held at an LDS meetinghouse next door to the Church’s Home Storage Center. Seasoned “preppers” and novices to the idea of home storage came from all over the Houston area and southeast Texas to learn specifics of home food storage, water storage, cooking in emergencies and how to accumulate and store commodities safely and economically.

This free community class was taught on Nov. 21 by Cheryl Driggs, Houston area emergency preparedness specialist. With a background in food science and nutrition, Sister Driggs has 38 years of experience teaching and “doing” home storage. “We are anxious for people to build skills in this area and take steps on their own,” she said.

Home storage has broad appeal, she noted. “You never know who is interested. There are many people getting interested in food storage considering the state of the economy and the state of society,” she added.

Norma Atherton, Senior Trainer with Houston Health Department in Public Health Preparedness, and part of the City of Houston’s emergency response team, attended several classes. She first began emergency preparations with her family in the early 1960’s.

“My father carpooled with a man whose family was LDS and this man was his best friend. That LDS family influenced my father’s thinking for storing a year of food. We had a big yard and we grew a lot of our own food. My mother, sister and I did the food canning and food preservation. I have continued to store an emergency food supply to this day,” she said.

After taking the class, Charman Balla from Fred, Texas, visited the Home Storage Center. She drove 2.5 hours to be able to gather information and commodities for other members.

Sister Balla is committed to helping members follow the admonition of Church leaders. The Church has 101 Home Storage Centers across North America and commodities can be purchased online at

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