“Enduring Service”

As Relief Society sisters serve in their callings they accomplish the work of Relief Society by increasing faith, strengthening home and family, and helping those in need. They recognize that enduring to the end in keeping sacred covenants is an essential part of the Plan of Happiness.

Sister Christine Grover of the Spring Creek South 2nd Ward in Springville, Utah, has continued to endure and magnify her calling. She also celebrated her 100th birthday a few months ago.

Sister Grover has served as the ward Relief Society chorister for the past several years. She is dedicated to being a faithful, active sister in her ward and stake. Because of her failing eyesight she is unable to read the music from the Hymnbook.

This challenge has not kept her from serving well in her calling. She prepares faithfully by studying the hymns for the week through the use of a large machine that magnifies the music.

She then commits all the verses of the hymn to memory so that when she leads the singing in Relief Society she knows the words and phrasing and can lead the sisters effectively.

Sister Grover appreciates the opportunity to continue to serve. Through her efforts and example the sisters in her ward are able to enjoy the spirit that comes through singing Church hymns together.

Her dedicated preparation and service inspires others to be equally committed to keeping their covenants and magnifying their callings.

Her testimony of the Savior and the Plan of Salvation are evident in her service because they are written in her heart. She sees her calling as an opportunity to share her love for the Savior through service.

Whichever auxiliary Relief Society sisters serve in, their work is important as they unite with others to help build the kingdom of God. — Relief Society general board

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