‘The Miracles of Christ’ online exhibit

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Church members around the world can now enjoy some of the Church’s cherished pieces of art through a new online exhibit titled, “Miracles of Christ.” The exhibit depicts scenes from the Savior’s life and allows patrons to experience the museum, even during the building’s renovations.

“The purpose of this exhibit is to share works of art that portray some of the miracles performed by the Savior,” said Alan Johnson, director of the Church History Museum. “It is our hope that these pieces, some of which will be new to many, will offer opportunities to reflect on these important and sacred acts.”

The virtual art exhibit shares rare pieces from the Church History Museum collection and exhibits, as well as contributions from Church members through the international art competitions.

Formatted to work well on cell phones and tablets, the online exhibit has more than two dozen pieces of art — all focusing on the miracles Christ performed while He was on the earth.

The exhibit is broken up into three sections — “healing the sick,” “raising the dead” and “miracles of nature” — each depicting scenes in the New Testament. A scriptural narrative throughout the images supports the themes seen in the artwork.

“Through these works of art, you can feel the testimony of the artists about Jesus Christ,” Brother Johnson said.

Some pieces of art are familiar, while others will be new to the public arena. While similar scenes are depicted in the exhibit, all paintings have their own look due to the artists’ own style and take on the subject.

“Creating art is such a personal process,” Brother Johnson said. “We are thankful that these artists were willing to share these pieces with the world.”

The exhibit is the last in a series of five online art exhibits released over the last six months depicting events or themes of the Savior’s life and ministry. Other online exhibits include, “Birth of Christ,” “Life of Christ,” “Teachings of Christ,” and the “Atonement.”

The exhibits are available to anyone with Internet access and are meant to be a help to teachers, parents and individuals in lessons and personal study. Because the exhibit is online, patrons around the world can “visit” the Church History Museum without ever setting foot in Utah.

All are meant to help individuals come closer to Christ.

“We hope that these images help strengthen faith and enrich the lives of all who see them,” said Brother Johnson.

Visit to see the exhibit, or to view current and past exhibits. @marianne_holman

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