New stake presidents

New Stakes

Two new stakes have been created.

A new stake has been created from the Port Vila Vanuatu District. The Port Vila Vanuatu Stake, which consists of the Blacksands, Erakor, Etas, Mele, Paunangisu, Port Vila 1st and Port Vila 2nd branches, was created by Elder Kevin W. Pearson of the Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Tagbilaran Philippines District. The Tagbilaran Philippines Stake, which consists of the Baclayon, Duero, Jagna and Pilar branches and the Cortes, Dauis, Tagbilaran 1st, Tagbilaran 2nd and Valencia Bohol wards, was created by Elder Ian S. Ardern of the Seventy and Elder Jairus C. Perez, an Area Seventy.

PORT VILA VANUATU STAKE: (June 21, 2015) President — Yvon Jacques Basil, 42, director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; wife, Madeleine Peter Basil. Counselors — Thidjinelia Kalmet Kalpoi, 31, visa coordinator; wife, Antolyn Kalpoi. Paul Arongon Kaun, 40, consultant, Global Green Group Inst.; wife, Sereima Singia Kaun.

TAGBILARAN PHILIPPINES STAKE: (July 26, 2015) President — Jerome Genit Galotera, 39, seminary and institute coordinator; wife, Beverly Samson Galotera. Counselors — Barben Clause Belarmino, 36, professor; wife, Cirly Gesite Cezar Belarmino. Glenn Oliverio Sasing, 37, college faculty; wife, Retchel Pedro Caro Sasing.

Reorganized Stakes

HUNTINGTON WEST VIRGINIA STAKE: (Aug. 9, 2015) President — Robert Raymond Cox, 54, computer consultant; succeeding Seungjin Lim; wife, Karen Patricia Howell Cox. Counselors — James Andrew Wolfe, 46, geographical information science director; wife, Amy Beth Myers Wolfe. Terry Joe Gee, 39, physical therapist; wife, Amandae Kae Barker Gee.

OREM UTAH WINDSOR STAKE: (Aug. 9, 2015) President — Darren Dean Smith, 46, national sales manager; succeeding Stewart F. Hughes; wife, Mary Jo Nyman Smith. Counselors — Donald Carr McGee, 62, vice president of Finance and CFO, Clyde Companies Inc.; wife, Deborah Curtis McGee. Val Don Hawks, 60, professor; wife, Julie Ann Olson Hawks.

NÜRNBERG GERMANY STAKE: (May 10, 2015) President — Lehi Karl Schwartz, 64, retired; succeeding Michael Tiedemann; wife, Gudrun Schwartz. Counselors — Ralf Keil, 54, self-employed; wife, Peggy Bernadette Keil. Daniel Werner Auras, 37, clerk; wife, Andrea Wechsver Auras.

PAGO PAGO SAMOA MAPUSAGA STAKE: (July 12, 2015) President — Faapito Auapaau, 43, production manager; succeeding Nile Muliselu; wife, Irva Mataniu Iuli Auapaau. Counselors — Suamalie Ioane, 51, shareholder, American Samoa Auto Parts; wife, Faith Tausala Maui’a Ioane. Afa Roberts, 59, agent, South Seas Financial; wife, Vaelupe Autufuga Roberts.

PIURA PERU CENTRAL STAKE: (Aug. 9, 2015) President — Diego Alonso Hernández Quevedo, 32, manager; wife, Edita Magdalena Fosther Campos. Counselors — Jaen Henry Espinoza Correa, 35, dentist; wife, Yanina Lisbeth Valle Caona. Cesar Augusto Calderon Ascencio, 37, assistant administrator; wife, Cintia Magaly Elias Noonja.

PUEBLO COLORADO STAKE: (Aug. 9, 2015) President — Fred Jeffrey Bertoldo, 54, radiologist; succeeding George R. Garcia; wife, Susanne Eugenia Chafi Bertoldo. Counselors — Ralph Mason Downey, 55, dentist; wife, Diane Hansen Downey. Cory Wayne Smith, 44, optometrist; wife, Holly Lynette Lewis Smith.

SALT LAKE EAST MILL CREEK NORTH STAKE: (Aug. 16, 2015) President — Richard Kevin Ence, 60, CFO, Thatcher Company; succeeding Alan B. Tingey; wife, Marla Tingey Ence. Counselors — Douglas Flint Lowe, 60, president, Allegiance Property; wife, Lisa Ann Hale Lowe. Paul Nile Shields, 53, director, Berkley Research Group; wife, Sandra Ann Haslam Shields.

SALT LAKE GRANITE PARK STAKE: (Aug. 9, 2015) President — Todd Henry Neubert, 47, nurse administrator; succeeding Dulent Bulut; wife, Janeen Marie Budniak Neubert. Counselors — Kurt Harold Francom, 33, owner, Fiddler Studios; wife, Alanna Polatis Francom. Bradley Steven Randall, 33, owner and operator, Welch Randall Real Estate; wife, Karrie Freeman Randall.

SAN JOSÉ COSTA RICA LOS YOSES STAKE: (July 26, 2015) President — Juan Carlos Fallas Aquero, 49, general accountant; succeeding Luis C. Chaverri León; wife, Rommy Jessica Calderon Barquero. Counselors — José Javier Andino Marenco, 38, quality management; wife, Rebeca Castellanos Dias. Alexander David Fonseca Salas, 30, customer service manager; wife, Yuliana Cristina Cantillo Sanabria.

SENECA MARYLAND STAKE: (June 14, 2015) President — Darren Earl Arnold, 50, consultant, JBC International; succeeding Phillip G. Lawyer; wife, Courtney Jeannette Clawson Arnold. Counselors — David Anthony Snyder, 46, unit chief, FBI; wife, Annette Lee Wright Snyder. Gene Clayton Schaerr, 58, principal, Schaerr Law Group; wife, Martha Janeen Canty Schaerr.

SYRACUSE NEW YORK STAKE: (May 17, 2015) President — Raymond Kent Stuetz, 59, regional advisory officer; succeeding S. Marc Clay Jr.; wife, Deborah Hales Stuetz. Counselors — Ashley James Fairbank, 38, director of education; wife, Madivette Rodriguez Colon Fairbank. David Joseph Larsen, 49, senior director, Lean Six Sigma; wife, Mylisa Jones Larsen.

VENTANILLA PERU STAKE: (Aug. 9, 2015) President — Alfonso Gabriel Yescas Ramirez, 30, commercial executive; succeeding Andres V. Trujillo Morales; wife, Raquel Rocio Garay Valenzuela. Counselors — Mario Gongora Silva, 53, master controller; wife, Julia Emilia Mimbela Avila. Joel Antonio Marin Gutierrez, 30, assistant engineer; wife, Silvia Olivares Cruz.

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