New interactive transcripts added to Media Library Videos

Credit: LDS Media Library
Credit: LDS Media Library

The Media Library on now has interactive transcripts available for all captioned videos on the site.

“The interactive transcripts improve accessibility,” explained Marianne Jennings, a product manager for the LDS Media Library. “For example, they appeal to visual learners who can now follow along with the written text while watching a video.” The transcripts have several features that make the Church videos significantly easier to use and personalize, Sister Jennings said, including:

• Finding the video. Before the transcripts were created, videos were hard to find because searching for the audio of the video would not necessarily bring up the video itself. Now, however, the full text of the videos will be searchable from external search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

• Reading along. Viewers can now read along with what they hear in the video.

• Navigating more quickly. Using the search bar in the top left corner, users can search for words within the text.

• Creating and sharing customized video clips. Rather than having to memorize the specific minutes and seconds in order to play from a certain point in the video, users can now click on the word in the transcript and the video will begin to play at the moment when that word is spoken.

• Downloading and printing transcripts. Transcripts of the video can be downloaded and printed for a lesson or discussion.

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