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Studio C talks to LDS teens about testimony, faith and self-confidence

Studio C talks to LDS teens about testimony, faith and self-confidence

In a live broadcast, the stars of BYUtv’s sketch comedy group Studio C gathered at the BYU Broadcast House on Wednesday, Oct. 19, to “have a conversation” with LDS teens.

Known for their efforts to produce clean, family-friendly comedy, Studio C has become a YouTube juggernaut with some 565 million total views on their YouTube channel.

During the event that was broadcast across the globe, the group fielded questions on a variety of topics involving LDS youth — from how to maintain a good relationship with parents to advice on how to stay strong in the gospel through high school.

With their usual levity, cast members answered questions probing behind the scenes of their work on Studio C — how they got started, why it’s important to them to produce clean comedy and how do they stop themselves from breaking character?

Cast member Stacey Harkey had the live audience and his fellow cast members laughing as he advised one young woman about to attend her first regional dance to apply the “stank face” to any dance move. “All of a sudden, [the dance move] becomes amazing.”

Many questions and answers throughout the hour-long event revolved around developing self-confidence. Mallory Everton told the youth that in her experience, “In and out of the Church, there’s just nothing cooler than someone who knows who they are. You really can be confident in the gospel. If you know who are and you stand for it, people legitimately think that’s pretty cool.”

The comedy troupe also shared personal experiences and offered advice on combating loneliness, facing adversity, cultivating self-confidence and utilizing the Atonement of Jesus Christ to face challenges.

The group passed around a box of Kleenex as cast member Jason Gray shared how the gospel provided him with peace after his little daughter suffered a brain aneurysm last December.

“What I’ve learned through adversity is that no matter what you’re going through is that Someone out there has already experienced it for you and can relate to you perfectly,” Brother Gray said.

Adam Berg added that sometimes individuals don’t know what to do to help someone going through something hard. “Just being there for someone during that time really makes a difference,” he said.

Sometimes individuals think of the Atonement as something abstract or distant, Whitney Call explained. In reality, it’s meant to be very personal. “Every time you use the Atonement, it’s bringing Christ into your soul, into your life,” she said.

The cast discussed teens’ potential to do good and encouraged them to reach out and not be afraid to live gospel standards. Matt Meese reassured listeners, “David faces Goliath and Goliath is huge but God is bigger than any Goliath that you may face.”

In his parting advice to the youth, Adam Berg reminded them, “You’re not alone,” then added, “you’ll always have your Heavenly Father.”

Following the broadcast, many leaders and youth shared their feelings for the event on social media using the event hashtag (#ldsface2face).

Juju_bean77 posted on Instagram, “Came to Studio C’s face 2 face expecting to laugh my head off and am now bawling my eyes out! The spirit is so powerful and these words are perfect!”

Grace Elaine Kratz tweeted, “That was incredible. @StudioC_tv thank you so much for being such incredible examples in my life and for others!”

Wednesday’s event marked the 7th such event sponsored by the Church. Previous events have featured Church leaders including Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles; Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson, Young Women general president; and Brother Stephen W. Owen, Young Men general president, and Elder David A. Bednar and his wife, Sister Susan Bednar. LDS artists David Archuleta, Lindsey Stirling and the Piano Guys also participated in previous events.

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