New stake presidents

GREAT FALLS MONTANA STAKE: (June 19, 2016) President — Richard Boyd Swensen, 59, CPA; succeeding Mark J. Lies; wife, Sarah Christine Smith Swensen. Counselors — Michael Jay Banks, 42, area sales manager, Rocky Mountain Bank; wife, Stephanie Suzanne Limb Banks. Stephen Lee Rowley, 57, vice president, Rowley Trucking; wife, Terri Lee Rasmussen Rowley.

LIMA PERU COMAS STAKE: (June 19, 2016) President — Virgilio Romani Barrientos, 44, attorney; succeeding David J. Soto Espinoza; wife, Sara Isabel Astete Llanos. Counselors — Jorge Antonio Espinoza Echenique, 48, clinical lab assistant; wife, Yrma Condori Ticacala. Luis Alberto Flores León, 45, CPA; wife, Rosa Jackeline Ángulo Chávez.

NAUSORI FIJI STAKE: (June 12, 2016) President — Lote Kama Qoroya, 38, facilities manager, LDS Church; succeeding Alipate Tagidugu; wife, Venina Ucunibaravi. Counselors — Ernest Bastian Vitinavulagi, 71, teacher; wife, Timaima Reveni Vavaloa Vitinavulagi. Richard Ravinesh Gounder, 36, lawyer; wife, Ana Nawaqa Vavaloa Gounder.

PASADENA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (June 12, 2016) President — Patrick Thierry Perkins, 51, vice president/senior I.P. counsel, Warner Bros.; succeeding Ronald K. Nelson; wife, Luise Michelle Tanner Perkins. Counselors — Marc Jeffrey Goettel, 60, acting CFO, Jet Propulsion Lab; wife, LeAnn Wright Goettel. John-Thomas C Ngo, 51, chief scientist, Lumin.AI; wife, Erika Matkin Ngo.

PORTLAND OREGON STAKE: (June 12, 2016) President — Kevin Grant Dickey, 45, managing director, Iberdrola; succeeding Bryce R. Anderson; wife, Stephanie Ranae Stringer Dickey. Counselors — Robert Virgil Ellison, 55, principal consultant, Linea Solutions; wife, Jillane Faye Snyder Ellison. Jeffrey Clyde Kersten, 41, director, Lam Research; wife, Chelsea Rae Stuart Kersten.

PROVIDENCE RHODE ISLAND STAKE: (June 12, 2016) President — Walter Vlademar Rehon Jr., 57, CFO, Laser Star Technologies; succeeding Richard S. Hutchins; wife, Shauna Kam Lan Au-Yeung Rehon. Counselors — Kelly MacArthur Coates, 57, senior vice president, Carpionato Group; wife, Jennifer Matthiessen Bell Coates. Matthew Aaron Davidson, 49, woodturner; wife, Janet Loise Botelno Davidson.

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