Pathway choir from Ghana participates in BYU-Idaho devotional

Credit: BYU-Idaho
Live broadcast of BYU Pathway Worldwide students in Accra, Ghana. 2017 Credit: Garrett Blanchard, BYU-Idaho


A choir made up of Pathway students in Ghana provided a special musical number at the Brigham Young University-Idaho devotional on April 25, in the BYU-Idaho Center.

The 50-voice Collegiate Bountiful Chorale from Accra, Ghana, sang “The Lord Is My Shepherd” in a livestreaming performance prior to former Primary general president Sister Rosemary M. Wixom’s devotional address.

The choir was formed in 2013, in conjunction with the BYU-Idaho Collegiate Singers’ visit to Ghana that year. In preparation for their 2013 tour, the Collegiate Singers invited Pathway students to prepare a few songs to perform for their concert. As a result of that experience, the Pathway students have continued the choir ever since.

This is the first time BYU-Idaho hosted a BYU-Pathway Worldwide performance during devotional. A team from BYU-Idaho’s A/V Productions traveled to Ghana to make this possible.

Prior to the event, Randall Kempton, BYU-Idaho Collegiate Singers director and choral area coordinator, shared how different this experience is for participants.

“The people of Ghana are a beautiful people,” Brother Kempton said. “They work so hard but they have so little, so their circumstances are a little different than ours. They rehearse in the church next to the temple grounds there, right by a busy highway. So, it’s not going to be like what we’re used to. They do a lot with very few resources.”

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