Idaho Falls Idaho Temple rededication fact box

Credit: Jason Swensen

The Idaho Falls Idaho Temple was originally dedicated Sept. 23, 1945, and was rededicated on June 4, 2017. It will serve Church members from 45 stakes in southeastern and central Idaho.

Location: 1000 Memorial Drive Idaho Falls, Idaho, 83402

Original plans announced: March 3, 1937

Original groundbreaking: Dec. 19, 1939

Original dedication: Sept. 23, 1945

Remodel construction start: March 16, 2015

Remodel turnover: March 17, 2017

Open house: April 22-May 20, 2017

Rededication: June 4, 2017

Cultural celebration: June 3, 2017

Property size: 7 acres

Building size: 85,624 square feet

Height: 77 feet

Spire: 50 feet

Angel Moroni: 13 feet

Exterior features: Constructed of concrete, structural steel, precast concrete and stone. In a unique blend of Art Deco and international styles, the temple presents a striking contrast to the surrounding farm and industrial landscapes. A strong, modest and balanced design of the exterior focuses on fins and stepping, making it appear as President Heber J. Grant wished it to: “Chaste, simple, symmetrical and well proportioned, without much ornamentation or decoration.”

Exterior art glass: Any new glass has been created by Holdman Studios in Lehi, Utah. Designs are derivatives of the exterior square motif on the precast panels.

Landscaping: Some new lawn and conifer and deciduous trees have been planted, but most landscaping is the existing. Groundcovers, flowers and plants are used throughout planting beds near the temple and were designed by MGB&A.

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