New stake presidents

New stakes

Three new stakes have been created.

A new stake has been created from the Beira Mozambique District. The Beira Mozambique Stake, which consists of the Baixa, Macurungo, Maraza, Munhava and Palmeiras wards, was created by Elder Stanley G. Ellis, General Authority Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Edmonton Alberta Bonnie Doon, Edmonton Alberta Millwoods, Edmonton Alberta Riverbend and Edmonton Alberta North stakes. The Sherwood Park Alberta Stake, which consists of the St. Paul, Tofield and Vermilion branches and the Cherry Grove, Clarkdale, Fort Saskatchewan, Glen Allan, Nottingham and Wood Buffalo wards, was created by Elder Jörg Klebingat, General Authority Seventy, and Elder G. Lawrence Spackman, Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Accra Ghana Christiansborg and Tema Ghana stakes. The Teshie Ghana Stake, which consists of the Nungua 1st, Nungua 2nd, Nungua 3rd, Teshie 1st, Teshie 2nd and Teshie 3rd wards, was created by Elder Terrence M. Vinson, General Authority Seventy, and Elder I. Raymond Egbo, Area Seventy.

BEIRA MOZAMBIQUE STAKE: (Mar. 19, 2017) President — Elías Joaquim, 63, office manager, Manuel de Almeida, Lda; wife, Fátima Mucheape Joaquim. Counselors — Carlos Alexandre Chivale, 37, coordinator, Care for Life; wife, Anabela João Chaúque Chivale. Rui Alberto Castigo Moda, 47, police officer; wife, Maria da Costa Manuel.

SHERWOOD PARK ALBERTA STAKE: (April 9, 2017) President — Robert Wayne Mendenhall, 57, lawyer and vice president, Richardson GMP Ltd.; wife, Dixie Marie Cahoon Mendenhall. Counselors — John Paul Kristensen, 52, manager, North West Redwater Partnership; wife, Carrie Lachelle Marsden Kristensen. William Darwin Laurie, 61, president, Britannia Construction Ltd.; wife, Caroline Adelaide Wilchynski Laurie.

TESHIE GHANA STAKE: (April 23, 2017) President — Jerry Dela Nipz-Nipah, 34, sales and marketing engineer, Astra Engineering; wife, Doreen Araba Abaka Nipz Nipah. Counselors — Jacob Adjei Abam, employed by Cleancare; Felicia Marnah Nyarko. Jeffrey Odai Botchway, 33, executive sales, Stanbic Bank; wife, Eugenia Enyonam Botchway.

Reorganized stakes

ANTOFAGASTA CHILE LA PORTADA STAKE: (May 14, 2017) — David Andres Reyes Torres, 35, executive, BBVA Bank; succeeding Yuri O. Zepeda Perez; wife, Marilo Giselle Alvarez Reyes. Counselors — Ronie Fernando Navarrete Tapia, 39, corporate audit manager, Corporacion Municipal de Desarrollo Social; wife, Ronie Fernando Navarrete Tapia. Mauricio Alejandro Mura Castillo, 46, businessman, SCM; wife, Marisol Brisa Quinsacara Ramos.

APPLETON WISCONSIN STAKE: (May 21, 2017) — Nathan Daryl Munson, 43, radiation oncologist; succeeding Christopher R. Kindt; wife, Laurie Suzanne Williams Munson. Counselors — Johnathan Daines Pond, 45, orthopedic surgeon; wife, Anjenette Updike Pond. Brent Robert Weed, 42, dermatologist; wife, Mary Ann Munson Weed.

BERN SWITZERLAND STAKE: (May 21, 2017) — Rolf Jean Rudin, 52, teacher; succeeding Yves S. Weidmann; wife, Heitze Waltraud Anden Rudin. Counselors — Benjamin Adrian von Allmen, 33, teacher; wife, Ruth von Allmen. Christoph Nils Jäger, 44, managing director, MCM Medsys; wife, Elvira Jäger.

BRASĺLIA BRAZIL CEILÂNDIA STAKE: (May 7, 2017) — Lazaro Leonardo Rodrigues de Amorim, 30, secretary; succeeding Marion S. Santos; wife, Andreia Thaunane Araujo de Barros Amorim. Counselors — Carlos Roberto Bailao, 50, assistant accountant, JK Teaching Network; wife, Janete Nobrega Meireles. Jose dos Santos Meirelles, 48, military police; wife, Liliane Marins da Silva Meirelles.

BUENOS AIREA ARGENTINA LINIERS STAKE: (May 7, 2017) — Santiago David Lopez, 31, tax analyst; succeeding Martin C. Rios; wife, Melisa Belén Torre. Counselors — Rolando Adolfo Blanco, 44, production manager; wife, Paula Andrea Demarco Blanco. Emilio Alfonso Arzola Ruiz, 56, support specialist, seminaries and institutes, LDS Church; wife, Maria Eugenia Tonini.

DULUTH MINNESOTA STAKE: (May 21, 2017) — David Charles Gore, 42, associate professor, University of Minnesota Duluth; succeeding Wendell R. Smith; wife, Kathy Ann Foti Gore. Counselors — Joseph Leslie Johnson, 44, professor, University of Minnesota Duluth; wife, Nicolette Farnsworth Johnson. Michael Jay Whiting, 41, mechanical engineer; wife, Rebecca Ann Youngberg Whiting.

FOREST GROVE OREGON STAKE: (May 21, 2017) — Randall Alex Brown, 41, product marketing director, Viewpoint Software; succeeding Brad C. Richardson; wife, Beth Anne Johnson Brown. Counselors — Todd James Templeton, 47, senior product marketing manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific; wife, Vicki Jean Cordon. Charles Mark Brown, 58, general manager, DeLaval Inc.; wife, Jackie Ann Davis Brown.

KLEIN TEXAS STAKE: (May 21, 2017) — Robert K. Ellis, 34, attorney; succeeding Samuel G. Bikman; wife, Christa Grove Schneiber Ellis. Counselors — Richard James Hogan, 60, technical sales; wife, Amy Nielsen. Marshall Scott Blackham, 50, vice president of quality, Goodman Manufacturing; wife, Nikki Lyn Romeril Blackham.

MEDELLIN COLOMBIA STAKE: (May 14, 2017) — José León Vélez Rojas, 48, auditing executive; succeeding John J. Ramirez Villada; wife, Blanca Jenny Pedraza Herrera. Counselors — Nixon Icopo Trujillo, 39, ID card director; wife, Deisy Yuried Loaiza Icopo. John Jairo Ocampo Olaya, 32, independent merchant; wife, Catalina Mejia Perez.

NATAL BRAZIL STAKE: (May 21, 2017) — Helio Otavio Costa Neto, 39, public relations manager, Bank of Brazil; succeeding Eriberto Souza de Morais; wife, Barbara Silva Fernandes. Counselors — Allan Herbert Silva, 33, manager, Natal Safety; wife, Marcia de Fatima Leal Bezerra. Ednardo Pereira Costa, 54, retired; wife, Francisca Edna da Silva.

PUEBLA MEXICO NEALTICAN STAKE: (May 14, 2017) — Luis Luna Luna, 42, salesman; succeeding Raul Castro Luna; wife, Carolina Xaltepec Jacinto. Counselors — Nestor Castro Luna, 36, English school director and owner; wife, Mireya Rojas Mendez.Yoni Luna Grande, 30, project director; wife, Lorena Chico Romero.

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