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Brother Brian K. Ashton: ‘The Father’

Second counselor in the Sunday School general presidency

Brother Brian K. Ashton speaks during the Sunday afternoon session of October 2018 general conferenc

Brother Brian K. Ashton speaks during the Sunday afternoon session of October 2018 general conference.

Notable quotes:

Brother Ashton shared several key quotes during his general conference remarks about the nature of the Father:

“A correct understanding of Heavenly Father’s character can change how we see ourselves and others and help us understand God’s tremendous love for His children and His great desire to help us become like Him.”“It is Heavenly Father who give us our daily bread, which includes both the food we eat and the strength we need to keep His commandments.”“As spirit sons and daughters of God, each of us has the potential to become like the Father.”

Talk summary:

If one cleaves in faith to Christ, repents and seeks God’s grace through obedience, he or she will eventually become like Heavenly Father.

By understanding key doctrinal points of the Father, His plan of salvation and His constant, eternal presence in the lives of His children, "Heavenly Father is always there for us."

The Father possesses many character traits that can be developed by His children — including kindness, loyalty, honesty, intelligence and dependability.

“There is much we do not understand about becoming like the Father. But I can testify with certainty that striving to become like the Father is worth every sacrifice.”

Promised blessings:

Brother Ashton taught that God the Father has been an eternal presence in the lives of each of His children. He loves His sons and daughters. He can be relied upon and trusted.

Speaker Snapshot:

Brother Ashton was completing his service as president of the Texas Houston South Mission when he was called to the Sunday School general presidency.He and his wife, Sister Melinda Ashton, are the parents of seven children.A graduate of BYU and Harvard University, Brother Ashton has worked as a business manager and as an executive at various companies.

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