New temple presidents in Argentina and Paraguay will begin service in November 2018

Ernesto A. and Mercedes O. Da Silva Credit: Intellectual Reserve, Inc., Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
Alberto R. and Juana P. Ferreyra Credit: Intellectual Reserve, Inc., Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Two new temple presidents and matrons have been called by the First Presidency. They will begin their service in November.

Ernesto Antonio Da Silva Bornholdt, 56, Fernando de la Mora Ward, Fernando de la Mora Paraguay Stake, called as president of the Asunción Paraguay Temple, succeeding President Heber O. Díaz. President Da Silva’s wife, Mercedes Adriana Ojeda León Da Silva, will serve as temple matron, succeeding Sister Gloria T. Díaz. He is a Paraguay Asunción Mission presidency counselor and a former Area Seventy, Uruguay Montevideo Mission president, stake president and bishop. A regional manager for the LDS Church in Paraguay, he was born in Bella Vista, Itapúa, Paraguay, to Eugénio Da Silva and Berta Bornholdt.

Sister Da Silva is a temple ordinance worker. She served with her husband as he presided over the Uruguay Montevideo Mission, and is a former stake Primary presidency counselor and a branch Relief Society and Young Women presidency counselor. She was born in Asunción, Central, Paraguay, to Vicente Ojeda Rolón and Lina de Mercedes Ojeda.

Alberto Raúl Ferreyra, 67, Florencio Varela Ward, Florencio Varela Argentina Stake, called as president of the Córdoba Argentina Temple, succeeding President Mario C. Romero. President Ferreyra’s wife, Juana Haydee Pohl de Ferreyra, will serve as temple matron, succeeding Sister Marta Romero. He is an elders quorum president and a sealer in the Buenos Aires Argentina Temple, and a former stake president, bishop and mission presidency counselor. A retired customs expediter, he was born in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Raúl Pascasio Ferreyra and Silvana Barbona.

Sister Ferreyra is a ward Young Women presidency counselor and temple ordinance worker, and a former ward Relief Society, Young Women and Primary president. She was born in Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Juan Pohl and Pabla Ramona Barrios.

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