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LDS Church wraps up filming of Book of Mormon live-action series

LDS Church wraps up filming of Book of Mormon live-action series

The second season of the Book of Mormon live-action video series filmed in Springville, Utah, has recently been completed.

According to Mormon Newsroom, the production focuses on prophets Nephi, Jacob and Enos in the Book of Mormon, bringing “the stories of ancient-American civilization to life” while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through film.

“This allows us to put a face to the names and the stories and allow you to see these people who really lived,” Bill Elliott, media director of the project, told Mormon Newsroom. “They breathed, they walked the land and these stories are real.”

Set in Hobble Creek Canyon near Springville, Utah, the sets include scenes of settlements from the Book of Mormon in addition to an ancient temple. Sister Reyna I. Aburto, second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, also spoke to Mormon Newsroom about the authentic feel of the scenery.

“I have been in small towns in Latin America, and I just … feel like I'm in one of them,” she said. “So many details reminded me of family members like my grandma, my aunts, my mom. And I think they did a great job in setting the tone here for the filming of the videos.”

The Church began filming the Book of Mormon video series in 2017 close to their Jerusalem movie set in Goshen. Similar to “The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos,” which were finished in 2016, the project is expected to take six years to complete.

According to Mormon Newsroom, the series is being filmed in English, but will be distributed in additional languages in the future. Videos of the Book of Mormon Series will be available on a new Book of Mormon Videos YouTube channel,, Mormon Channel platforms and current Book of Mormon and Gospel Library apps.

Casting needs are also posted online.

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