How one senior missionary continued to serve after losing her husband

Halfway through their 23-month mission, John and Julie Sennett decided to go on a hike and picnic during their preparation day.

John loved hiking, so Julie didn't question when he decided to explore while she started setting up the picnic.

"I heard a shuffling sound and I heard him say something...he had lost his footing," Julie said. "I watched his body tumble to the bottom of a 50-meter cliff. When he hit his head he was killed outright, as reported by an inquest later."

Julie joined the church in 1990, then met John in 2004 just after he had been baptized. They married in 2009 and were later sealed in the Adelaide temple.

Even though she had already served two missions, this was the first that Julie had served with her husband. The couple was called to serve as preservation specialists for FamilySearch in Adelaide, Australia.

After John's tragic death, there were a few months where it was hard for Julie to "get through life."

Julie found the courage to return and complete the mission without John by her side.

"The mission is something we planned to do together," Julie said. "I also became aware of the people we got close to; I was concerned with how they were. I wanted to go back to see them."

Julie finished her mission in February 2018. Today, she loves attending the temple and is grateful for all those who continue to minister to her.

For more on Julie's story, visit here.

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