This week on social: President Nelson's call to the youth, repentance through Christ

President Russell M. Nelson called for a seven-day fast from the youth of the Church on Sunday, June 3. Following advice given by the prophet to refocus and to serve the Lord, many youth and members refrained from posting on social media.

The accounts of many Church leaders also fell quiet, although some posted messages regarding the prophet's challenge. On Monday, June 4, President Nelson's Facebook account also posted a short summary listing the five things he invited the youth to do to help them change the world.

President Nelson noted his confidence in the youth as he said, "Please remember, my dear young brothers and sisters, you are among the best the Lord has ever sent to this world. You have the capacity to be smarter and wiser and have more impact on the world than any previous generation!"

The following week, youth from around the world responded to the words of President Nelson in the comment forum on the Worldwide Devotional page. Many members also noted that they had re-watched the devotional and had learned from the words of both President Nelson and his wife Wendy W. Nelson, who also spoke at the devotional.

Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, Young Women general president, posted a photo of the Young Women general presidency with a group of youth at the devotional on Sunday in the Conference Center.

Referencing President Nelson's call to the youth to help gather Israel, Sister Cordon urged youth to "Prayerfully ask what you can do to be part of this gathering, bringing others to Christ." She also asked for youth to share their experiences as they followed the words of the prophet

Focusing on President Nelson's list of five things to do, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf posted on Twitter, urging people to "step away from the shadows of the world" and find healing through Jesus Christ.

His remarks aligned with President Nelson's challenge to take a break from the influences of social media and to sacrifice time each week in service of the Lord.

Similarly, Elder David A. Bednar invited all to repent and to come unto Christ in a Facebook post. In his post, Elder Bednar described an object lesson about repentance which he shared with members during his recent visit to Mongolia. Just as President Nelson invited the youth to "keep on the covenant path" and repent, Elder Bednar's words extended the same invitation to all members and served as a reminder of the importance of continual repentance.

He stated that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, "we may become holy, without spot."

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