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Video: From Scrabble to the commandments, President Nelson and Sister Wendy Nelson talk about ‘eternal laws’


During the Latin America Ministry Tour, Sister Wendy Nelson and President Russell M. Nelson talk about understanding the laws of God.

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Whether it's a game of Scrabble with his wife Sister Wendy Nelson, or the principles that make an airplane fly, there's one thing President Russell M. Nelson wants to know in all things in life.

"I want to know what the laws are," he said. "If I can know the laws, then I can get the blessings."

In a Church News video following the Nelsons on the Latin America Ministry tour, President Nelson explained why it's important to know the laws — regardless of whether they are physical or spiritual.

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"Divine law is incontrovertible," he explained. "Everyone receives a blessing from God because they were obedient to the law that pertained to that area. Our job is to teach people about these eternal laws. They're called commandments, but they are just as true as the law of lift, the law of gravity, the law that governs the heartbeat."

By simply following these laws, President Nelson continued, individuals receive a direct blessing of joy.

"It becomes a rather simple formula," he continued. "If you want to be happy, keep the commandments.

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