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Sister Becky Craven: ‘Keep the Change’

Young Women general presidency

Sister Becky Craven: ‘Keep the Change’

Young Women general presidency

Notable quotes:

“In return for His priceless payment for each of us, the Lord asks us for a change of heart.”

“Through Jesus Christ, we are given the strength to make lasting changes. As we humbly turn to Him, He will increase our capacity to change.”

“Our daily choices will either help or hinder our progress. Small, but steady, deliberate changes will help us improve.”

Summary points:

  • The only thing that Jesus Christ requires in return for the blessings He offers is a change of heart.
  • Jesus Christ has provided a pattern for that change.
  • On the path to change, help is available from family, friends and trusted leaders.

Talk summary:

The Savior Jesus Christ offers many tremendous blessings. He gives much, much more than the value of what could ever be returned to Him. “In return for His priceless payment for each of us, the Lord asks us for a change of heart.”

“Jesus Christ has given us a continuous pattern for change. He invites us to exercise faith in  Him, which inspires us to repent. As we repent and turn our hearts to Him, we gain a greater desire to make and live sacred covenants. We endure to the end by continuing to apply these principles throughout our lives and inviting the Lord to change us. 

“Enduring to the end means changing to the end. I am not starting over with each failed attempt, but with each try I am continuing my process of change.”

As small, steady, deliberate changes are made, it’s important to not become discouraged. Change is a lifelong process in which the Lord is patient with His children.

Through Jesus Christ, strength is given to make lasting changes. As one turns to Him, He will increase the capacity to change.  

The Holy Ghost will also provide support and guidance as effort is put forward. Likewise, trusted family members, leaders and friends can help in efforts to change. 

Some may have fallen from the covenant path and need our help. It can be difficult for them to come back on their own. Latter-day Saints should make an effort to help others return and heal.

If injuries or falls have occurred, it’s important to accept help from others to return to covenants and the blessings they offer. “The Savior can help you heal and change while surrounded by those who love you.”

Maintaining change takes effort, but because of Jesus Christ, change is possible. “And with His help, we can keep the change.”

In the news:

About the speaker:

  • Sister Becky Craven was sustained during the April 2018 general conference as the second counselor in the Young Women general presidency. Previously, she served in the North Carolina Charlotte Mission from 2012 to 2015 with her husband.
  • Born in Ohio, Sister Craven’s family joined the Church in Texas in January 1964 when she was 5 years old. Her young women years were spent in Kansas, Missouri and England.
  • She was introduced to interior design as a young woman and knew from that point on she wanted to study the subject in college. She graduated with a degree in interior design from Brigham Young University.

Recently on Social:

  • In an Aug. 28 Facebook post, Sister Becky Craven shared an experience from her visit to Guatemala last year. She shared what the young women there taught her.

  • On July 9, Sister Craven posted on Facebook about looking to God in times of need. Her post included a link to a talk by Elder Carl B. Cook.

  • On June 25, Sister Craven posted a link to the 2020 Youth Theme video “Go and Do” on Facebook and shared an experience she had while visiting New Zealand, where it was filmed.

  • In a June 22 Facebook post, Sister Craven posted about the importance of staying focused amid worldly distractions.

  • On May 27, Sister Craven shared a video on Facebook celebrating the 150 year anniversary of the Young Women organization.

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