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Here’s what Venezuelan Saints said about the devotional with President Nelson and Elder Christofferson

Here’s what Venezuelan Saints said about the devotional with President Nelson and Elder Christofferson

Following the Feb. 2 videotaped devotional with President Russell M. Nelson and Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Latter-day Saints in Venezuela shared a wide range of emotions — appreciation, devotion and commitment.

Below are some of the selected comments forwarded to Church leaders in Salt Lake City and the Church News:

“I felt as if these two prophets were present in the same room with us. I could feel they are aware of the situation in our country, and that makes me feel we are not alone — even though we never have been.” — Elder Guillermo I. Guardia, Area Seventy from San Cristobal, Venezuela

“I feel the Lord is aware of our weaknesses, difficulties and challenges. I was taught by our Savior through President Nelson and Elder Christofferson.” — President Ramón Martínez, Cagua Venezuela Stake

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“The prophet and Heavenly Father love me — He is always aware of us and gives many blessings. Grateful to have seen and heard the transmission.” — Rosmery Media, Soledad Ward, Ciudad Bolívar Venezuela Stake

Map of Venezuela.

Map of Venezuela

Credit: Church News graphic

“After hearing President Nelson and Elder Christofferson, I feel more committed in this work as a member of the Church to building the Kingdom of God on this earth.” — Bishop Jose Solano, Villa de Cura Ward, Cagua Venezuela Stake

“Impressive to hear the prophet in Spanish. The Spirit was felt with great intensity, especially the gift of tongues and the gift of prophecy. We could truly feel his love and concern for us.” — Rosman Sánchez, Peru Ward, Ciudad Bolívar Venezuela Stake

“It is rewarding and joyful to hear the words of the prophet exclusively talking to Venezuela, guiding and reminding us that God does not forget me and has never forgotten us because He has engraved us in the palms of His hands.” — Nelly de Toro, La Victoria Ward, Cagua Venezuela Stake

“Excellent message, fortifying. Every day I am convinced that the Lord speaks to His children through His servants, the prophets.” — Carlos Sarabia, Soledad Ward, Ciudad Bolívar Venezuela Stake

“It was a wonderful experience to hear our dear prophet talking in our own language. I felt that the Lord spoke directly to each one of us. I could feel His love and His concern for me and my own circumstances. It was a renewing experience, and it encouraged me to remain steadfast during this difficult time we are going through.” — Ixelle de Avendaño, La Victoria Ward, Cagua Venezuela Stake

 “The messages will be an incentive to continue serving, to continue fighting, to strengthen the faith of the Saints. No doubt there will be greater commitment in the coming months and years to minister as the Savior would do. … The (local) leaders will be strengthened — they are the ones who wear out the most in the day of facing and resolving situations; without a doubt, it will be these words as a healing balm and a certainty that everything in due course will be fine.” — Elder Efraín R. Garcia, Area Seventy from Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

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