President Russell M. Nelson: ‘Go Forward in Faith’

President of the Church

President Russell M. Nelson speaks during the Sunday afternoon session of the 190th Annual General Conference on April 5, 2020. Credit: Screenshot,
President Russell M. Nelson Credit: Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Notable quotes:

“The many inspiring components of this April 2020 general conference — and the sacred week that we now begin — can be summarized by two divinely decreed words, ‘Hear Him.’ ”

“During times of our distress when temples are closed, you can still draw upon the power of your temple covenants and endowment as you honor your covenants. Please use this time when temples are closed to continue to live a temple-worthy life, or to become temple worthy.”

“These eight new temples will bless the lives of many people on both sides of the veil of death. Temples are a crowning part of the Restoration of the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In God’s goodness and generosity, He is bringing the blessings of the temple closer to His children everywhere.”

Summary points:

  • General conference highlighted by bicentennial commemoration of First Vision, unveiling of new symbol representing the centrality of Christ in the Church, a call for a global day of fasting and prayer amid pandemic, and the announcement of eight new temples.
  • Latter-day Saint homes will continue to become sanctuaries of faith as members continue “Come, Follow Me” study and seek the Lord’s spirit in their lives.
  • God will continue to reveal “many great and important things” pertaining to His kingdom on earth.

Talk summary: 

The 190th Annual General Conference — falling on the bicentennial of the First Vision — has been rich with highlights:

— The Restoration was commemorated with the Hosanna Shout.

A new symbol “signifying our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ” was unveiled.

— A call for a “global day of fasting and prayer” for divine assistance in response to the ongoing pandemic will be held on Good Friday, April 10. “And what a great Friday that will be.”

— Eight new temples announced in: Bahía Blanca, Argentina; Tallahassee, Florida; Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Benin City, Nigeria; Syracuse, Utah; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Shanghai, People’s Republic of China.

Read more about the 8 new temples announced during the Sunday afternoon session

Easter Sunday (April 12) once again celebrates the Atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“Because of His Atonement, His gift of resurrection will come to all who have ever lived. And His gift of eternal life will come to all who qualify by fidelity to ordinances and covenants made in His holy temples.”

Focus on Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Truly hear, hearken to and hear the words of the Savior. Continue to make the home “true sanctuaries of faith” and seek blessings through the Church’s study curriculum, “Come, Follow Me.”

“Your consistent efforts in this endeavor — even during those moments when you may feel that you are not being particularly successful — will change your life, that of your family, and the world. 

“We will be strengthened as we become even more valiant disciples of the Lord, standing up and speaking up for Him, wherever we are.”
Even at a moment when temples are closed, draw upon the power of one’s temple covenants. Remain temple worthy.

As the Restoration continues, God will continue to reveal many great and important things pertaining to His kingdom on earth. 

“Dear brothers and sisters, I express my love for you. During this time of tension and uncertainty, and invoking the authority vested in me, I would like to confer upon you an apostolic blessing.”

In the news:

  • President Nelson invited Church members and others to participate in a worldwide fast on Sunday, March 29, for “physical and spiritual healing” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Latter-day Saints found peace by doing so. 

About the speaker:

Recently on social:

  • President Nelson extended a warm welcome to all — “regardless of your faith tradition” — to listen to general conference and “rejoice in the comforting power of revealed truth” amid coronavirus fears.
  • President Nelson extended a special invitation to Latter-day Saints in February to “hear Him.”
  • While in Southeast Asia, President Nelson shared a rendering of the temple that will be built in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. “I promise that as you are worthy to enter the temple, miracles will come into your life,” he wrote on Twitter.
  • On Thanksgiving, President Nelson posted a picture of him and Sister Nelson walking through a grove of aspen trees. He encouraged Church members to be mindful of blessings from the Lord.
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