New Church News series to feature general women leaders sharing experiences about priesthood power

In a recent interview with the Church News, President Jean B. Bingham, Relief Society general president for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, invited the 7.1 million Relief Society women around the world to join with her in following the counsel of President Russell M. Nelson to study what the priesthood, or power of God, means to them.

“When, as women, we come to truly understand the privileges and power we have because of the priesthood, we will rejoice,” President Bingham said.

The topic of priesthood power and what it means to women of the Church has often been the focus of discussions during general conference, BYU Women’s conference, Sister to Sister events, Church worldwide broadcasts, and devotional Q&A events with Church leaders around the world.

In an effort to continue those conversations among women, and with a clear invitation from the prophet for women to start seeking an understanding of what priesthood power means to them, the Church News has joined with the Relief Society, Young Women and Primary general presidencies and boards, as well as other faithful Latter-day Saint women and men, to create a series of articles sharing personal stories, experiences and thoughts about priesthood power.

These articles will be featured in the new “Women of Covenant” section of the Church News website and will be included in the weekly print publication as well.

Why women in the Church should be following President Nelson’s invitation to study about the priesthood

The priesthood — or power of God on earth — is a key component of living the gospel for both men and women and this new series aims to share stories of real women discussing what priesthood power looks like in their lives and will address some of the questions they have about priesthood power, authority and keys in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In October 2019, President Russel M. Nelson told the women of the Church, “How I yearn for you to understand that the restoration of the priesthood is just as relevant to you as a woman as it is to any man.”

Now, the Church News series will highlight some of the many ways women are learning about, experiencing, and drawing upon priesthood power in their lives and continuing the work of the Restoration. 

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