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President Nelson thanks those who have contributed to ‘largest humanitarian project of the Church’


A Beehive Clothing employee sews cotton fabric material to create a face mask in late April 2020 in the Philippines. The clothing plant's employees shifted from producing sacred garments to sewing face masks for COVID-19-related needs.

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One of the positive outcomes President Russell M. Nelson has seen from the COVID-19 pandemic is the many opportunities for service and humanitarian work.

In an Aug. 16 Facebook post, President Nelson wrote about how the Church has responded to the global pandemic with its largest humanitarian project.

“To date, we have participated in 757 projects in 137 countries, spending many millions of dollars,” he wrote. “Much more time and effort will be required in the near future, and the Church is eager to continue to help.”

This relief has come mostly from Church members who have increased their voluntary fast offerings and contributions to the Church’s humanitarian funds. 

“Further, many members of the Church have labored to render assistance to COVID-19 victims,” he wrote. “They have prepared and provided personal protective gear for caregivers. Thousands of Relief Society sisters in many countries have made millions of masks. And this while our members continue to feed the hungry, assist refugees, and labor to relieve damage caused by natural disasters, wherever they occur throughout the world.”

President Nelson thanked those who have donated their time and resources to help others during the pandemic. “Together we will overcome this difficult time,” he wrote. “The Lord will bless you as you continue to bless others.”

In a Church News video released on June 30, President Nelson and his wife, Sister Wendy Nelson, highlighted the generous contributions of members worldwide in recent months.

“I’ve learned that these emotions of fear, isolation and danger are best handled by immersing oneself in the care of other people,” President Nelson said. 

Sister Nelson said of the pandemic: “It seems like it’s unleashing this great, compassionate heart that people have.”

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