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How to watch or listen to October 2020 general conference

How to watch or listen to October 2020 general conference

In about two weeks, Latter-day Saints worldwide will gather in their homes to watch or listen to the 190th Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held Oct. 3-4.

Although the First Presidency announced in June that October general conference will be closed to the public, technology will enable the gathering of the largest digital audience to date.

Watch October 2020 general conference

General sessions will be held Saturday, Oct. 3, and Sunday, Oct. 4, at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. MDT. A women’s session for all women and young women ages 11 and older will be Saturday evening at 6 p.m.

Five ways to watch or listen to October 2020 general conference.

Five ways to watch or listen to October 2020 general conference.

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As the world continues to face the COVID-19 pandemic, economic hardship, social issues, political turmoil and uncertainty, general conference will bring messages of hope and an opportunity to feel the Lord’s love.

“I pray that you and your family are preparing to hear the words the Lord will speak to you through His servants. General conference is a magnificent opportunity to feel the depth of the Lord’s love for you,” President Russell M. Nelson wrote in a social media message on Sept. 20.

“I also hope that you will prayerfully consider inviting friends and family, including those of other faiths, to watch general conference so that they too may feel the Lord’s embrace.”

A look back at the ‘unforgettable’ April general conference

April general conference marked the first time in Church history that conference was broadcast to an exclusively remote audience from a small auditorium on Temple Square. Pre-recorded hymns were played and only those conducting, speaking or praying at each session were in attendance. 

It was also the first time in two decades that general conference did not originate from the 21,000-seat Conference Center auditorium in Salt Lake City — the site of all general conferences since it opened in April 2000. 

President Nelson opened the Saturday morning session by emphasizing the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith’s First Vision, in which God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared. “The purpose of this and every general conference is to help us to hear Him,” he said

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened during April 2020 general conference

In the Saturday afternoon session, President Dallin H. Oaks, first counselor in the First Presidency, announced the calling of nine new General Authority Seventies, a new Young Men general presidency, and 57 new Area Seventies.

The Saturday evening session, in which all members of the Church were invited to participate, featured two youth speakers, who spoke on how the priesthood has blessed their lives. President Nelson introduced a new Church symbol and announced a second worldwide fast for relief from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the final moments of the Sunday morning session, just before leading the worldwide Church in a solemn assembly and Hosanna Shout, President Nelson shared a bicentennial proclamation on the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Eight new temples were announced in the Sunday afternoon session, and a global choir from six countries brought together online closed the conference. 

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