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Elder Ciro Schmeil: ‘Faith to Act and Become’

Elder Ciro Schmeil: ‘Faith to Act and Become’

Elder Ciro Schmeil, a General Authority Seventy, spoke during the Saturday afternoon session of October 2021 general conference. He promised Latter-day Saints they could become more like the Savior by asking, acting and studying. The following is a summary of what he said.

Notable quotes from Elder Schmeil

“I am grateful for prophets, seers and revelators; they are the watchmen on the tower.”

“As we study the scriptures the Lord will give us the answers or the necessary strength to get through one more day, one more week, and to try one more time.”

“We need to ask in faith to know the will of the Lord, and accept that the Lord knows what is better for us.”

Summary of Elder Schmeil’s talk

President Russell M. Nelson has invited all to become more like the Savior and strengthen their faith by asking, acting and studying.

“Asking through prayer is one of the keys to know how to become a better disciple of Jesus Christ.” Ask to know the Lord’s will — then accept that the Lord knows best.

Acting is essential to becoming a better disciple of the Savior. “As we act, He will guide and direct us along the way.”

The Lord also teaches His disciples to find guidance and answers by studying the scriptures. “We too must seek guidance from the scriptures for our journey, and we must teach from them in our homes and church callings.”

Answers to prayers will not always come right away.

“Through prayer and scripture studying, the Lord has always given me the strength to act and endure one more day, one more week, and try again. Many times, the answers did not come right away. I have questions that have not been answered yet, but I keep asking and studying, and I am happy that the Lord continues to give me the strength to act as I wait for answers.”

Discipleship is not a competition. “We are here to love and help each other.”

About Elder Schmeil

  • Elder Ciro Schmeil was sustained as a General Authority Seventy on April, 4, 2020. At the time of his call, he had been serving as a branch president.
  • Elder Schmeil was born in Ponta Grossa, Brazil, in 1971 and is the husband of Alessandra Machado Louza. They have two children.
  • A returned missionary (Utah Ogden Mission), Elder Schmeil earned degrees from the University of Utah and Ohio University.

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