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President Henry B. Eyring: ‘The Faith to Ask and Then to Act’

President Henry B. Eyring: ‘The Faith to Ask and Then to Act’

President Henry B. Eyring, second counselor in the First Presidency, spoke during the Saturday evening session of October 2021 general conference. He testified that faith in the Lord will provide personal direction and help Latter-day Saints bless others. The following is a summary of what he said.

Notable quotes from President Eyring

“The still, small voice is clear and discernable in my mind when I feel an internal quiet and submission to the Lord’s will.”

“With sufficient faith, we will ask for direction with the intent to go and do whatever [the Lord] asks.”

“The rock upon which we stand is our witness that Jesus is the Christ.”

Summary of President Eyring’s talk

The method to receiving revelation has not changed since the days of Adam and Eve — it is always done by exercising faith.

“I know from experience that answers will come to fit your needs and your spiritual preparation. If you need an answer that is important to your eternal welfare or that of others, the answer is more likely to come. Yet, even then, you may receive — as did Joseph Smith — the answer to be patient.”

Revelation comes in proportion to the degree in which one has sought to take the doctrine of Christ into his or her heart and implement that doctrine into one’s life.

“As our faith in Jesus Christ will have led us to ask the Father for answers, that faith will also have brought the Savior’s softening touch enough for us to hear His direction and be determined and excited to obey.”

The more the doctrine of Christ is in one’s life, the more he or she will feel greater love and sympathy for those who have never had the blessing of faith in Jesus Christ or are struggling to maintain it.

“Opposition and trials have long been a seedbed for the growth of faith.”

About President Eyring

  • President Henry B. Eyring has been a General Authority for more than three decades, called in 1985. He served as a counselor to President Thomas S. Monson from 2008 to 2018 and as a counselor to President Gordon B. Hinckley from 2007 to 2008. Now he is serving as second counselor to President Russell M. Nelson.
  • He married Kathleen Johnson in the Logan Utah Temple in July 1962. They are the parents of four sons and two daughters.
  • He served as president of BYU–Idaho — then Ricks College — from 1971-1977.

President Eyring in the news

  • In a #HearHim video and blog post released Aug. 26, President Eyring said one way he hears the voice of the Lord is through those who are “in touch with heaven.”

President Eyring’s recent social posts

  • President Eyring posted on Facebook on May 30 recalling his experience walking into the Salt lake Temple for the first time. “The temple is a holy place where revelation comes to us easily if our hearts are open to it and we are worthy of it,” he wrote.

  • In a May 1 Instagram post, President Eyring shared a picture of a temple and wrote about his granddaughter, 3 years old at the time, who attended the Brigham City Utah Temple open house and asked where Jesus was. “God was close to Eliza, and she felt close to Him,” he wrote.

  • President Eyring tweeted a quote from one of his April 2021 general conference talks on April 3: “You may feel small compared to the great sweep of what the Lord will do. If you do, I invite you to ask prayerfully how the Lord sees you. He knows you personally.”  

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