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Church creates new Laie Hawaii Mission — second in state, 408th worldwide

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is creating a second mission in the state of Hawaii and its 408th worldwide, as the Hawaii Laie Mission opens mid-January 2022.

The announcement was published Friday, Dec. 3, on Newsroom.

A new mission has been created in Laie, Hawaii.

A new mission has been created in Laie, Hawaii.

Credit: Screenshot, Google Maps

Created from the Hawaii Honolulu Mission, the new mission will include the Laie Hawaii Temple Visitors’ Center, three young single adult stakes near the BYU-Hawaii campus in Laie and two stakes in the northeast region of the island of Oahu.

Learn about the president and companion of the new Hawaii Laie Mission

The Honolulu mission will cover the remainder of Oahu and the rest of the state’s islands. Missionaries serving in that mission were notified of the mission division and creation on Thursday, Dec. 2.

Included among the number of missionaries assigned to the Honolulu mission have been those assigned to the visitors’ center as well as many senior missionaries serving the Polynesian Culture Center and BYU-Hawaii. The new Laie mission will allow those missionaries serving at the visitors’ center and in the area surrounding Laie to have closer contact with mission leaders.

The First Presidency has called Sidney J. Bassett and Stephanie R. Bassett to serve as mission president and companion of the Hawaii Laie Mission, to begin next month. The Bassetts will also oversee the Laie Hawaii Temple Visitors’ Center.

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