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#HearHim: What a letter about a Primary teacher taught President Jones about God’s love


In the latest #HearHim video released Feb. 4, 2021, President Joy D. Jones details an experience of receiving a letter from a woman and what it taught her about hearing the Lord's voice.

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Recently, Primary General President Joy D. Jones received a letter from a woman in another state she did not know. The woman expressed how grateful she was for her childhood Primary teacher and the influence she had on her life. 

“Sister Jones, I don’t know why I am writing this to you,” she admitted in the letter, “but I feel that someone needs to know besides me how wonderful this woman is.” The woman explained that her former teacher was now experiencing stage 4 cancer. 

In the latest #HearHim video released Thursday, Feb. 4, President Jones said she felt the desire to call the former teacher after her meetings that day. She didn’t make it through very many meetings before she heard the woman’s name in her mind — followed by “Call now.” 

President Jones picked up the phone and called immediately. “I read the letter to her, and we shared a very tender and meaningful experience,” she said. 

“I would never take credit for God’s sweet, perfect love, but how grateful I am that He allows me to be a small piece of His puzzle.”

President Jones’ video was accompanied by a blog post in which she detailed how she strives to consistently hear the voice of the Lord: in the still of the night, when she is out in nature, by listening carefully and through practice and effort. 

“I am searching, just like so many, to hear Him as effectively as I possibly can,” she wrote. “We do not all have to hear Him the same way. I believe what is meaningful is that we do hear and that we recognize His voice so that we can learn to heed Him more frequently.”

The voice of the Lord can also be heard by children — a point she illustrated with a story of 11-year-old President Jones feeling the Spirit during a sacrament meeting talk and the words “Joy, I know you. I love you. I care about you. I am aware of where you are and what you are doing.”

“God speaks to children because they have great faith and are open to receiving and acting on revelation from Him through the Holy Ghost,” she wrote.

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