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This Easter, find renewed hope in Christ #StartingToday

Restart. Repair. Reevaluate. 

As the world begins to emerge from a challenging year of loss, strife and isolation, “this Easter season is a special opportunity to find a renewed sense of hope in Jesus Christ, the living Son of the living God,” said Elder Marcus B. Nash, a General Authority Seventy and executive director of the Church’s Missionary Department. 

All of God’s children can start again — starting today — because of how one day started 2,000 years ago. That’s the message of the Church’s 2021 Easter initiative launched Sunday, March 14. 

“Because of the Savior’s atoning sacrifice and Resurrection — which we remember at Easter — we have the opportunity to seek, receive and help others be blessed by His divine power to heal hearts and lift burdens,” Elder Nash said. “His divine grace is available to all who will turn to Him, hear His voice and follow His example.” 

A short video posted Sunday morning on and the Church’s social media channels using the hashtag #StartingToday illustrates this idea.

“He left the tomb behind. We can leave our past behind,” the video text states. “His teachings can reshape us. His redemption can rescue us. His Resurrection can reunite us. His love can renew us.”

The video closes with a reflective question: “How can He change your life?”

As part of the initiative, participants can sign up at for daily text messages or emails during the week leading up to Easter, April 4 — the second day of the upcoming 191st Annual General Conference. 

“For each day in the week leading up to Easter, we will focus on different inspiring invitations that Jesus extends to all,” Elder Nash said. “It is our desire that these invitations give everyone a daily opportunity to pause for a moment and reflect on these invitations and promises.”

The first invitation, for example, is to read the account of Palm Sunday in the Bible (Matthew 21:1-11) and to “invite others to take that first step with you.” This invitation includes an option to download a special booklet titled “The Savior’s Invitation: A Collection of Insights from Modern Apostles and Ancient Scripture.”

President Russell M. Nelson will post a video and Easter message on his social media channels on Palm Sunday, March 28, encouraging his social media followers to focus on the Savior. 

The “Starting Today” initiative was designed to be uplifting to both Latter-day Saints and their nonmember friends. Members are invited to share the timely Easter message with friends and family of other faiths.

Several different directions were initially presented for this year’s Easter initiative, but this message of renewal resonated most, said Jeff Taylor, who led the creative team behind the effort.

“We thought about everything going on, and especially the emergence from the COVID cocoon, if you will, how important it is for us to really have a reboot,” he said.

An image from the Bible Videos depicts Mary Magdalene speaking with Jesus Christ after His Resurrection.

An image from the Bible Videos depicts Mary Magdalene speaking with Jesus Christ after His Resurrection.

Credit: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

During the pandemic, some may have lapsed into “a kind of spiritual morass,” he said. “I think a lot of us, including myself, we maybe have been a little lax in our observance of worship and other things. … ‘Starting Today’ is a way to sort of shake off the cobwebs and recommit ourselves to Christian living.”

The outcome of this initiative, the team hopes, is that participants pick something they can commit to do to follow the teachings of the Savior — starting today.

Elder Nash added, “We desire that ‘Starting Today,’ each of our brothers and sisters across the world will find renewed hope, deeper faith and greater joy in life as we try to become more like Him.”

Learn more about the “Starting Today” initiative and find the invitations at

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