Black History Month: 10 steps to reclaiming your African roots and more resources

Black History Month has been observed in the United States each February since 1976. The annual celebration honors achievements by African Americans and their central role in U.S. history. 

It is also a time to learn more about and celebrate African American heritage. 

FamilySearch offers a handout titled “10 Steps to Reclaiming Your African Roots: A Guide to Navigating African American Genealogy” as a place to start:

  1. Write down what you know. 
  2. Find artifacts around the home. 
  3. Interview relatives. 
  4. Create a FamilySearch account
  5. Create your own family tree. 
  6. Search for existing ancestors. 
  7. Look for blanks in your family tree. 
  8. Search for historical records. 
  9. Add photos and stories. 
  10. Work together as a family. 

FamilySearch has also compiled 68 record collections specifically containing information on individuals of African descent. Search the records using the search form at

Learn more about Black History Month with these additional resources from FamilySearch:

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