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Video: What does it mean to enlist in today’s battalion?

SAN DIEGO, California — After meeting with crowds of people gathered to commemorate the arrival of the Mormon Battalion in San Diego 175 years ago, Elder D. Todd Christofferson talked about the similarities between that period of time and today.

Elder Christofferson, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, said the battalion “faced challenges we can barely comprehend.”

Physically, members of the battalion “performed arduous labors” and walked more than 2,000 miles, Elder Christofferson said.

Combined with the spiritual challenges faced at the time, he said they showed three characteristics needed to overcome today’s challenges.

“They handled them. They didn’t complain. They went to work. To me that’s something we need very much in this day and time.”

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In this Church News video, Elder Christofferson and the site directors for the Mormon Battalion Historic Site share what they have learned from the individuals who made the journey from Iowa to California and back to Utah.

President Brent L. Top said the call to serve with his wife, Sister Wendy C. Top, at the site helped him relate to the battalion’s members.

“The Mormon Battalion took the call of a prophet,” he said. “We’re called by a prophet of God, as well.”

“Those men and those women followed the direction of the prophet, even when it wasn’t convenient.”

Sister Top said she was inspired by the example of perseverance shown by members of the battalion.

“They just kept putting one foot in front of the other,” she said. “And that’s what will keep me going.”

In conclusion, Elder Christofferson said his biggest learning from the battalion’s efforts was to find a way to be obedient to God’s commandments.

“When the Lord calls… find a way. Go to work. Keep working.” 

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