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Young Women general presidency: Answering the who, what and why of preparing for FSY


FSY Conferences are an important part of preparing youth for who they need to be in these last days, according to the Young Women general presidency.

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This is a promise from our prophet, President Russell M. Nelson, to youth who attend For the Strength of Youth (FSY) conferences: “I bless you to learn more about who you are and what your purpose really is, during this conference.” 

What a thrilling promise! 

You may have a lot of questions about FSY, so let’s see if we can answer them.


For the Strength of Youth conferences are 5-day conferences where youth, ages 14 and older, gather to strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ — and have fun. They will not be alone. They will be in a safe environment where they learn, grow, and build new friendships. They will participate in devotionals, gospel study, games, classes, dances, goal setting and other activities. FSY is part of the Children and Youth program and is designed to help youth apply the gospel of Jesus Christ in their daily lives.


All youth ages 14 and older in the invited stakes are encouraged to come. To see when your stake is assigned to attend, please visit

Don’t let your youth miss this exciting event. All are invited to participate regardless of their current activity in the Church. This is a unique opportunity for the youth to reach out and invite all members of their classes and quorums. Parents and leaders, please make every effort to encourage your youth to attend FSY. To register, please visit

Who else

Young single adults from all over the country serve as FSY counselors. If you’d like to join in the fun, there is a need for YSA assistant counselors. Visit for more information.


FSY helps youth build faith in Jesus Christ and receive their own personal testimony. FSY campuses strive to create  a place of belonging for youth who are striving to live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

After attending FSY conferences, youth report:

  • A stronger testimony of Jesus Christ.
  • An increased feeling of love from their Savior.
  • An increase in confidence interacting with other youth.
  • A desire to share the gospel with their friends.
  • A greater desire to serve a mission.
  • An understanding that they are not alone.
  • A recommitment to center their lives on Christ.

Youth shared their personal testimonies and growth when attending the For Strength of Youth conferences:


“I came to FSY because I wanted to gain a stronger testimony. Because I am a convert to the Church, I wanted to get an experience where I could learn more about Jesus Christ and about the Church," said Kahliyah Joyner-Ratima.


“When I arrived [at FSY], I didn’t have much confidence with people. I didn’t have much of a testimony. But now that I’ve spent some time here, I’ve gained heaps of new friends and my testimony is just so much stronger. I feel the Spirit every time I bear it. I just feel so much better," said Isaiah Joseph.

In a video message to participants at FSY conferences, President Russell M. Nelson uses a baseball analogy. He says that “we are in the last half of the ninth inning. Our Heavenly Father and His Son chose you to be on Their team when the game is on the line. This means They know you, They trust you and will help you fulfill your personal mission on this earth.” 

FSY conferences are an important part of preparing our youth to be the players they need to be in these last days.  We can hardly wait to see the miracles that will surely happen.

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