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Elder Kevin S. Hamilton: ‘Then Will I Make Weak Things Become Strong’

Elder Kevin S. Hamilton,, a General Authority Seventy, spoke during the Saturday afternoon session of April 2022 general conference. He taught how the Atonement of Jesus Christ makes it possible to overcome weaknesses and become more like Heavenly Father. The following is a summary of what he said.

Notable quotes from Elder Hamilton

“While it is indeed good to be authentic, we should be authentic to our real, true selves, as sons and daughters of God with a divine nature and destiny to become like Him.”

“Humility, coupled with faith in Jesus Christ, will allow us to access the enabling power of His grace and the fullness of blessings available because of His Atonement.”

“As sons and daughters of a loving Father in Heaven, we have the power within us to change.”

Summary of Elder Hamilton’s talk

One of Satan’s greatest lies is that men and women cannot change and should not change. However, in order to be authentic to “our real, true selves, as sons and daughters of God with a divine nature and destiny… then we will all need to change.”

The Lord operates through conditions, or “if-then” statements. He has taught that “as we first change our fallen natures, our weakness, then we will be able to change our behaviors.”

Humility and faith in Jesus Christ are requisites to accessing the enabling power of His grace, which makes it possible to overcome all obstacles, all challenges and all weaknesses. 

“The Savior worked out His infinite and eternal Atonement so that we could in fact repent, change and become better. We can actually be born again. We can overcome habits, addictions and even the ‘disposition to do evil.’”

Becoming like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ happens through change or repentance. “We become new, clean, different and we simply continue to work at it every day. Sometimes it may feel like two steps forward and one step back, but we continue to humbly move forward in faith.”

About Elder Hamilton

  • Elder Kevin S. Hamilton was sustained as a General Authority Seventy in April 2013. He has also served as Belgium Brussels/Netherlands Mission president from 2003 to 2006, stake president, high councilor, bishop and full-time missionary in the Switzerland Geneva Mission.
  • He was a co-founder and partner in a venture capital firm and also worked in the telecommunications industry in several companies, serving as CEO a number of times.
  • Elder Hamilton was born on March 26, 1955, in Wenatchee, Washington. He married Claudia Keysor on July 27, 1978, in the Los Angeles California Temple. They are the parents of six children.

Elder Hamilton in the news

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