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President Jean B. Bingham: ‘Covenants With God Strengthen, Protect and Prepare Us for Eternal Glory’

President Jean B. Bingham: ‘Covenants With God Strengthen, Protect and Prepare Us for Eternal Glory’

President Jean B. Bingham, the Church’s Relief Society general president who will complete her service on Aug. 1, spoke during the women’s session of April 2022 general conference. She implored women of all ages to keep their covenants. The following is a summary of what she said.

Notable quotes from President Bingham

“Keeping our covenants allows the Savior’s power to cleanse us as we learn through experience — whether it is a minor misjudgment or a major failing.”

“With Jesus Christ as our anchor and perfect partner, we are assured of His loving strength in trial and of eventual deliverance through Him.”

“There is nothing more important to our eternal progress than keeping our covenants with God.”

Summary of President Bingham’s talk

Women who make and keep covenants with God share spiritual bonds that help meet the challenges of today. Keeping covenants allows women to stay on the covenant path, draw upon the Savior’s power, be strengthened in trials and receive protection from the adversary.

Rappelling requires the right equipment, and confidence and trust in one’s partner. Jesus Christ is the anchor and perfect partner. The spiritual equipment is the covenants one has made. “We can rely on these supports to guide and carry us to safety. As our willing partner, the Savior will not allow us to fall beyond His reach.” 

Humble prayer, scripture study, taking the sacrament with a spirit of repentance and reverence, keeping the commandments and following the prophet’s counsel will all strengthen that anchor with Jesus Christ. “Happiness is hollow if we exchange the blessings of eternal joy for momentary ease.”

Women who keep their covenants are looking to the Lord and His prophet for guidance, rather than popular media. Women who have made covenants with God have “the ability to hold up the Lord’s light and lead others to Him.” As they go to the temple often, they will feel sweet reassurances and have the courage to continue.

About President Bingham

  • President Jean B. Bingham was sustained as Relief Society General President in April 2017. At the time she was serving as first counselor in the Primary general presidency.
  • She and her husband, Brother Bruce Bingham, met at Brigham Young University and married in 1972. They have two daughters and were foster parents to teens and children who became part of their family.
  • While her children were in their later school years, President Bingham returned to college and received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in teaching.

President Bingham in the news

President Bingham’s recent social posts

  • A story about her husband’s struggles in graduate school taught President Bingham something: “The lesson we learned from this experience is that prayer makes all the difference when facing the challenges of life. If you learn to pray, you need not fear,” she wrote on Feb. 9.

  • On Feb. 26, President Bingham wrote about going back to school to continue her education: “The Lord invites us to use personal revelation to uncover our life’s path — including when it comes to education.”

  • President Bingham posted a video for the 180th anniversary of Relief Society on March 17.

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