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14 stake presidencies who recently began serving — from Park City to Peru

A stake center in Heredia, Costa Rica.

A stake center in Heredia, Costa Rica.

Jon Ryan Jensen, Church News

BARRANCA PERÚ STAKE: (March 13, 2022) President — Merlin Feliciano Sanchez Salazar, 34, Widersud Eirl administrator; succeeding Hernán N. Cacino Hernández; wife, Gretna Gali Pozo Mejia. Counselors — Jose Luis Arce Bustamante, 57, independent driver; wife, Danissa del Pilar de Arce Rivas. Juan Freddy Leonardo Flores, 43, Clinica Dental Emident dental technician prosthodontist; wife, Santa Rosa Blas Ortega.

CHICLAYO PERÚ FEDERICO VILLARREAL STAKE: (March 20, 2022) President — Ricardo Sadoc Gallegos Blua, 35, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion coordinator; succeeding Daniel A. Cruzado; wife, Nadia Nayu de Gallegos Chancafe. Counselors — Jimy Jhon Sanchez Cabanillas, 40, People OUTSOURCING promoter representative; wife, Adys Noemi de Sanchez Baldera. Cristhian Junior Oscco Huangal, 29, Konecta, GTR management control analyst; wife, Katheryn Fiorella de Oscco Díaz.

CHIHUAHUA MÉXICO CHUVISCAR STAKE: (Feb. 20, 2022) President — Roberto Navarro Hermosillo, 50, business owner, builder; succeeding Jorge H. Limon Salinas; wife, Natalia De Navarro Moreno. Counselors — Jesus Manuel Melendez Realyvazquez, 38, Visteon Chihuahua automation and robotics engineer; wife, Laura de Melendez Gonzalez. Christian Michael Dominguez Reyna, 28, Government of the State of Chihuahua specialized auxiliary; wife, Suany de Orbe Soriano.

GUATEMALA CITY BOSQUES DE SAN NICOLÁS STAKE: (March 6, 2022) President — Hector Daniel Wolke Canales, 34, FUNVAL Mexico-Central America director; succeeding Yeison B. Samayoa; wife, Lesslie Valeska Garcia Durini. Counselors — Luis Emilio Lopez Rivera, 35, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints planning analyst and facilities manager, and Emilio Lopez Arquitectura founder; wife, Brenda Yolanda Archila Turcios. Camilo Esteban Fajardo Escobar, 36, assistant temple registrar; wife, Ilduara Johanna De Leon Del Cid.

HAMILTON NEW ZEALAND STAKE: (Feb. 20, 2022) President — Andrew David Reddoch Gibbs, 48, Hamilton Boys’ High School assistant headmaster; succeeding Dale P. Anderson; wife, Carolyn Ruth Brocas-Gibbs. Counselors — Daniel Golder, 51, New Zealand Government Ministry for Children strategic HR business partner; wife, Peni-Rachel Hohapata Murray-Campbell Golder. Samuel James Higgins, 43, self-employed gym owner and operator; wife, Opal-Rose Black Higgins.

MESA ARIZONA KIMBALL EAST STAKE: (March 6, 2022) President — Duston Garfield Postert, 47, Lebaron and Carroll Insurance partner; succeeding Lynn C. Westergard; wife, Katherine Lola Killian Postert. Counselors — Gerald Paul Beagley, 45, RepCATS owner; wife, Traci Jo Ahlstrom Beagley. Robert Aaron Blaylock, 44, City of Mesa performance adviser; wife, Lola Lachelle Harms Blaylock.

OREM UTAH YSA 2ND STAKE: (Feb. 20, 2022) President — Mark Foster Zimbelman, 62, Brigham Young University professor; succeeding Michael E. May; wife, Karen Diane Burton Zimbelman. Counselors — Perry Verne Bratt, 68, Strattan and Bratt Landscapes owner; wife, Jana Lyn Monson Bratt. Gordon James Mella, 61, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints solutions manager; wife, Martta Linda Mecham Mella.

PARK CITY UTAH STAKE: (March 27, 2022) President — Jeremy Dwight Manwaring, 49, Redwood Periodontics periodontist; succeeding Gregory B. Robinson; wife, Jodi Marie Hill Manwaring. Counselors — Brent Maurice Harman, 52, Cowboy Partners senior development partner; wife, Kristin Kay Tatton Harman. Joseph Allen Orr, 61, Dynasthetics LLC businessman and University of Utah research professor; wife, Karen Watson Orr.

PEORIA ILLINOIS STAKE: (March 20, 2022) President — Corey Scott Wurtzbacher, 51, Caterpillar Inc. general manager of powertrain systems; succeeding J. Scott Johnson; wife, Karrie Sue Pavia Wurtzbacher. Counselors — Donald Spencer Mehr, 46, Caterpillar Inc. physician; wife, Elizabeth Walker Mehr. Brian Keith Hafen, 50, State Farm Insurance infrastructure engineer; wife, Joy Margaret Larson Hafen.

PERTH AUSTRALIA NORTH COAST STAKE: (March 13, 2022) President — Justin J Richard, 51, Oar Resources Ltd. CEO and managing director, and Exo Marble managing director; succeeding Neil C. Brodie; wife, Debbie Ann Thomas Richard. Counselors — Brent Arthur Kimpton, 56, business owner; wife, Janice Louise McMeechan Kimpton. Geoffrey Andrew Grant, 43, Department of Transport WA human resources director; wife, Michelle Louise Godfrey Grant.

VERACRUZ MÉXICO STAKE: (March 13, 2022) President — Julio Cesar Lumbreras Martinez, 37, data sales employee and Proyecto 21 owner; succeeding Joaquin Caballero; wife, Elyra Grisel Alvarez Gonzalez. Counselors — Jesus Enrique Del Barrio, 56, business owner, instructor; wife, Fabiola Mercedes Sánchez Carrillo. Jacinto Herrera Mendiola, 54, Ferrosur SA de CV chief of technical support; wife, Emir Thelma de Herrera Ramirez.

WALLA WALLA WASHINGTON STAKE: (March 6, 2022) President — Jared Neal Hawkins, 45, Hawkins Law attorney and United States Air Force JAG; succeeding John N. Rowley; wife, Elise Ivette Payne Hawkins. Counselors — Robert Clyde Grandstaff, 60, Walla Walla County building official and fire marshal; wife, Mary Ann Gargano Grandstaff. Matthew Raymond Kosuke Yoshioka, 48, Pendleton School District director of human resources; wife, Sarah Christine Isaacson Yoshioka.

WINDER GEORGIA STAKE: (March 13, 2022) President — Kevin Kurtiss Maggert, 52, Motorola Solutions principal staff mechanical engineer; succeeding Greg N. Giddens; wife, Tina Marie Broome Maggert. Counselors — Glenn Richard Adams, 60, retired; wife, Caroline Susan Dunn Adams. Christopher Shane Walker, 43, Michael E. Carroll & Associates LLC attorney; wife, Cristin Shannon Lee Walker.

WOODS CROSS UTAH STAKE: (March 27, 2022) President — Jaren Steven Dyreng, 46, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion seminary teacher; succeeding Robert L. Lingard; wife, JaNan Johnson Dyreng. Counselors — Jon Kevin Cook, 54, FedEx sales employee; wife, Dana Dee Brown Cook. Karl Marcus Mortensen, 60, Rocky Mountain Power finance and accounting specialist; wife, Rebecca Diane Warner Mortensen.

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