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Nigerian young single adults donate to help orphans after asking, ‘Have I done any good?’

Young single adults in the Calabar Nigeria Stake had been pondering the question, “Have I done any good in the world today?” (Hymn No. 223). 

The hymn also asks, “Have I helped anyone in need?” and “Have the sick and the weary been helped on their way? When they needed my help, was I there?”

As the group thought about it, they decided they could help orphans who live in their area.

Nigeria has over 200 million people, and it is estimated that over 17.5 million are orphans, reported the Church’s Africa Newsroom. The young single adults decided to help the orphans in the Motherless Babies Dormitory in the city of Calabar.

They sang gospel hymns and prayed with the staff and children when they brought the donated food and supplies. The Newsroom report said the staff was so grateful for the kindness shown, saying the donation will go a long way to help the children. One of the residents told them, “I say, ‘God bless you, Amen!’”

The members were also touched by the gift that they gave. Addy Williams, the stake young single adult representative said, “I feel so much better and fulfilled that we were able to positively touch the hearts of those children.”

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