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Read about these 14 recently reorganized stake presidencies called to serve worldwide


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Jon Ryan Jensen, Church News

AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND TAMAKI STAKE: (Feb. 20, 2022) President — Tama’a’au Karl Olive, 62, Community Approach Trust team leader; succeeding Faaeteete Lavea; wife, Margaret Mafuli Laga’aia Olive. Counselors — Sean Marty Collins, 37, Oranga Tamariki Children and Youth litigation solicitor; wife, Kendal Judee Goebel Collins. Tofili Mu’a, 54, Westferry Property Services cleaner; wife, Pona Luve Kuresa Mu’a.

BUENA VISTA VIRGINIA YSA STAKE: (March 27, 2022) President — Darin Glen Palmer, 57, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion institute director; succeeding Scott Y. Doxey; wife, Shauna Dia King Palmer. Counselors — Brent Douglas Dryden, 54, dentist; wife, Deidra Kaye Johnson Dryden. Roger David Johnson, 59, Southern Virginia University professor; wife, Whitney Leigh Wilson Johnson.

ENOCH UTAH STAKE: (Feb. 20, 2022) President — Shawn Emil Stoor, 53, Hilti account manager; succeeding Daren A. Lovell; wife, Tonya Cheree Spell Stoor. Counselors — Michael Arthur Jensen, 52, Leavitt Group Enterprises IT coordination manager; wife, Stacie White Jensen. John Delor Brown Jr., 45, Southwest Behavioral Health mental health therapist; wife, Lisa Blake Brown.

HILO HAWAII STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2022) President — Aaron Kauhimakakuokalani Auna, 41, HPM Building Supply buyer and Auna Enterprises sales representative; succeeding Samuel A. Erbe; wife, Jacqueline Kame Yonashiro Auna. Counselors — Ammon Leo Ohai Bernard Kau, 41, Malama Dental 4 Kids LLC pediatric dentist; wife, Ruth Halualani Ahuna Kau. Jared Nako’oko’o Kamanakuponoho’ikemaikalani Hao, 35, businessman; wife, Celeste Nuumealani Lemapu Manuia Hao.

KATY TEXAS STAKE: (Feb. 20, 2022) President — Shad Bingham Hanis, 41, Smile Doctors orthodontist; succeeding Timothy D. Morris; wife, Amy Beth Nebeker Hanis. Counselors — Mark Merle Allen, 55, Petrolia Energy Corporation CEO; wife, Audralyn Bluth Allen. Jonathan Edward Shurtz, 43, First Service Credit Union chief administrative officer and in-house counsel; wife, Meghan Millard Shurtz.

MAGNA UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (March 20, 2022) President — Ryan Wayne Loose, 46, City of South Jordan city attorney; succeeding Thayne D. Atkinson; wife, Lisa Ann Gourley Loose. Counselors — Kirkham Moyle Burbidge, 47, BYU–Idaho online adjunct faculty and Seminaries and Institutes of Religion seminary principal; wife, Shauni Martin Burbidge. Chase Guillermo Hathaway, 60, USANAsenior scrum master; wife, Frances Ada Chilson Hathaway.

NANCY FRANCE STAKE: (March 20, 2022) President — Michael Ulrich, 34, Ministry of National Education professor of mathematics in preparatory classes; succeeding Carlos Rodriguez Castro; wife, Ornella Bicchierri Ulrich. Counselors — Samuel Alain Petion, 43, French State auditor; wife, Dorine Dominique Calmels Petion. Lewis Joseph Howarth, 33, Amazon business senior manager; wife, Justine Nicole Blomdal Howarth.

PAGE ARIZONA STAKE: (Feb. 20, 2022) President — Joshua Tyler Smith, 43, City of Page city attorney; succeeding J. Michael Skaggs; wife, Amanda Marie Jones Smith. Counselors — Stuart Keith Sandall, 56, United Parcel Service delivery driver; wife, Eve Allen Sandall. Theodore David Martin, 48, Zion’s Way Home Health physical therapist; wife, Nicole Ross Martin.

POCATELLO IDAHO TYHEE STAKE: (Feb. 20, 2022) President — Shad Carl Johnson, 43, Portneuf Medical Center physician assistant; succeeding Ross N. Hugues; wife, Angela Renee Dyer Johnson. Counselors — Wade William Egan, 55, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion North America regional manager online institute; wife, Jill Leishman Egan. Chad Toby Harding, 47, Patriot Real Estate self-employed; wife, Helen Marlow Howell Harding.

PORTLAND OREGON STAKE: (Feb. 27, 2022) President — David Soren Mikkelsen, 45, investor relations employee; succeeding Kevin G. Dickey; wife, Kathryn Finklea Mikkelsen. Counselors — Lopeti T Tu’itavake, 56, United Parcel Service feeder department employee; wife, Iasinita Fatima Kaufana Tu’itavake. Richard L Justin Tooke, 47, dentist; wife, Caraston Gentry Tooke.

PROVO UTAH MARRIED STUDENT 3RD STAKE: (Feb. 20, 2022) President — Jeffery Ray Spencer, 55, Meta-Infra Data Centers global environmental health and safety manager; succeeding Gale J. Skousen; wife, Stephanie Beck Spencer. Counselors — Spencer Lyle James, 39, Brigham Young University associate professor; wife, Alyssa Rose Murphey James. Kevin Paul Paxton, 56, Brigham Young University fire marshal; wife, Melanie Okey Paxton.

PROVO UTAH YSA 4TH STAKE: (March 6, 2022) President — James Nathan Clarke, 49, Clarke Capital Partners managing partner; succeeding Scott R. Petersen; wife, Andrea Marie Earl Clarke. Counselors — Daniel Cannon Snow, 50, Brigham Young University associate professor and independent consultant and board member; wife, Rebecca Shahan Snow. Richard Ernest Whitehead, 57, Adobe head of product marketing; wife, Sandra Angela Lois Keller Whitehead.

SPRINGS SOUTH AFRICA STAKE: (March 20, 2022) President — Robin Leonard Padoa, 61, Eezi Cut manager; succeeding L. Fernando Braganca; wife, Eunice Edna Coetzee Padoa. Counselors — Samuel Lewatle, 57, Government Employees Medical Scheme chief corporate services officer and executive; wife, Cathrine Mabaso Lewatle. Colin Crawford Maxwell, 56, ET-X Projects draughtsman; wife,Lesley-Ann Phillips Maxwell.

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA BAULKHAM HILLS STAKE: (Feb. 27, 2022) President — Benjamin James Armstrong Vinson, 44, Northhaven Financial Management director and partner; succeeding Phillip E. Hobby; wife, Bethany Jane Young Vinson. Counselors — Raymond Moroni Alakapana Katieli, 45, AVisual Productions audio vision technician; wife, Michelle Joanne Sosa Katieli. Benjamin James Hobby, 46, Objective Corporation global vice president; wife, Debbie Marie Loynes Hobby.

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