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18 new and reorganized stakes — from Nevada to Nigeria


A meetinghouse in Mesa, Arizona.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

18 new and reorganized stakes — from Nevada to Nigeria


A meetinghouse in Mesa, Arizona.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Aba Nigeria North Stake. The Aba Nigeria Osisioma Stake, which consists of the Osisioma 4th Branch and the Abayi 2nd, Osisioma 1st, Osisioma 2nd, Osisioma 3rd, Osisioma 5th and Owerrinta wards, was created by Elder Hugo E. Martinez, General Authority Seventy, and Elder I. Raymond Egbo, an Area Seventy.

ABA NIGERIA OSISIOMA STAKE: (May 15, 2022) President — Uzoma Monday Agomuo, 41, self-employed; wife, Onyinyechi Ivy Akatobi Agomuo. Counselors — Prince Chigozie Ekezie, 33, Nigeria Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority operations officer; wife, Chidinma Jane Lekwa Ekezie. Peter Chinedu Ifeanyi Arungwa, 46, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple facility assistant; wife, Obioma Comfort Ekenma Ojukwu Arungwa.

A new stake has been created from the Eagle Mountain Utah West and Eagle Mountain Utah Central stakes. The Eagle Mountain Utah Eagle Valley Stake, which consists of the Cedar Trails, Eagle Crest, Eagle Mountain 6th, Frontier, Heritage, Lake Mountain, Landing and Summit wards, was created by Elder Evan A. Schmutz, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Jeffrey H. Singer, an Area Seventy.

EAGLE MOUNTAIN UTAH EAGLE VALLEY STAKE: (April 24, 2022) President — Stanley Norman Lyman, 52, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints senior manager of finance; wife, Kristie Anne Wikle Lyman. Counselors — Gillermo Enrique Cuevas Ceballos, 43, University of Utah programs manager; wife, Lisbeth Paola Uribe Cuevas. Shad Lyman Gifford, 41, BrainStorm Inc. director of business intelligence; wife, Brittany Jan Harrison Gifford.

A new stake has been created from the Herriman Utah Mountain View Stake. The Herriman Utah Mountain Ridge Stake, which consists of the Juniper Canyon, Meadow Rose, Park House, Saddle Brook, Shadow Run and South Hills wards, was created by Elder Allen D. Haynie, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Berne S. Broadbent, an Area Seventy.

HERRIMAN UTAH MOUNTAIN RIDGE STAKE: (May 22, 2022) President — Jerry Dean Nelson Jr., 66, retired; wife, Karen Elaine Jones Nelson. Counselors — James Derek Warren, 56, Venafi Inc. manager; wife, Gayle Faye Davis Warren. Salomon Cano Ramirez, 45, Deseret First Credit Union systems administrator; wife, Vanessa Danielle Wirfs Cano.

A new stake has been created from the Lehi Utah East Stake. The Lehi Utah Meadow View Stake, which consist of the Lehi 50th Branch (Care Center) and the Lehi 4th, Lehi 14th, Lehi 17th, Lehi 34th, Lehi 36th and Lehi 46th wards, was created by Elder Gary B. Sabin, General Authority Seventy, and Elder R. Pepper Murray, an Area Seventy.

LEHI UTAH MEADOW VIEW STAKE: (April 24, 2022) President — Eric Thomas Sevy, 52, Brigham Young University professor; wife, Brooke Frederickson Sevy. Counselors — James Kenneth Haslam, 55, Old Republic Title underwriting counsel; wife, Diane Airmet Haslam. Matthew Douglas Muir, 46, Ken Garff Chevrolet service consultant; wife, Lori Thayn Muir.

Reorganized stakes

AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND MT ROSKILL STAKE: (March 6, 2022) President — Newman Neru Soloai, 66, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion coordinator; succeeding Anthony S. Wilson; wife, Luisa Kava Kavea Soloai. Counselors — Lee Whitefield, 46, procurement business partner; wife, Lian Tupusa Elizabeth Gin-Nen Whitefield. Ivan Radovan Borota Angelich, 46, Unitec Institute of Technology systems engineer and Live Cut Ltd. production consultant; wife, Alita Rachel Neira.

BRASÍLIA BRAZIL STAKE: (April 10, 2022) President — Elson Vieira Santos, 55, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion coordinator; succeeding Roberto G.F. Leite; wife, Margarida Lemos Noronha Santos. Counselors — Wagner Pereira Mendes de Sousa, 44, Cb Negócios Imobiliários managing partner; wife, Elisa Pradera Mendes. Iraldo Antonio dos Santos, 53, Federal District Government public manager; wife, Sonia Vieira de Menez Santos.

CAMARILLO CALIFORNIA STAKE: (May 22, 2022) President — Adam Young Thunell, 51, Community Memorial Health System senior vice president and chief operating officer; succeeding Christopher A. Lythgoe; wife, Alexis Elaine Rumsey Thunell. Counselors — James William Bramwell, 56, Avantor executive vice president of services and strategic partners; wife, Saucha Sudweeks Bramwell. Adam Buzz Basua, 50, Community Memorial Health System manager of EMR training, referral department and surgery scheduling; wife, Melissa Lee Beck Basua.

CARREFOUR HAITI STAKE: (March 20, 2022) President — Mackenson Yves Berry, 32, Foyer de Sion accounting coordinator and Seminaries and Institutes of Religion administrative assistant; succeeding Gerzino Milord; wife, Andrène Formetus Berry. Counselors — Willème Philémond, 46, self-employed; wife, Marie Rose Augustin Philémond. Guy Ester, 47, Beau Jardin School by Lyne teacher; wife, Jabote Cilaire Esther.

ITATIBA BRAZIL STAKE: (March 13, 2022) President — Kauê Henrique Barbosa Constantino Souza, 36, OCTAVIA builder; succeeding Paulo Roberto Fernandes de Souza; wife, Franciane de Oliveira Nogueira Constantino de Souza. Counselors — Stefan Moroni Glufke, 46, Concentrix operations senior manager; wife, Daiane da Silva Glufke. Leonardo Costa Chamsin, 40, Vivint Consultoria e Intermediações Ltda business owner; wife, Larissa Lopes Gaspar Chamsin.

JOHANNESBURG SOUTH AFRICA STAKE: (Feb. 13, 2022) President — Wayne David Cook, 38, Standard Bank Group executive head of domestic payments; succeeding Andrew E. De Kock; wife, Irene Oker Adokorach Cook. Counselors — Sandile Makasi, 38, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints public affairs director of relationships; wife, Nicole Moyo Makasi. Matthews Pheelo Dikane, 55, Pheelo Dikane Inc. attorney; wife, Jacqueline Kedibone Mokalane Dikane.

KALISPELL MONTANA STAKE: (March 13, 2022) President — Verne Fraklin Reed II, 45, Flathead Endodontics endodontist; succeeding Carl H. Clark; wife, Rachael Michelle Johnson Reed. Counselors — Kyle James Tubbs, 43, Glacier Ear Nose and Throat physician; wife, Jessica Lynn Jones Tubbs. Marc Earle Bunker, 44, Allegiant Insurance Group independent broker; wife, Amy Neilson Bunker.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA REDROCK STAKE: (March 27, 2022) President — Thomas Adam Thomas, 64, Switch Inc. and Southwest Gas Corporation board of directors and Thomas and Mack Company managing partner; succeeding Mitchell C. McClellan; wife, Leslie Ann Goodman Thomas. Counselors — Ian Kenji Yamane, 55, Valhalla Wellness president; wife, Deborah Jean Kerr Yamane. Christopher Drew Stagg, 51, J.P. Morgan Private Bank executive director and banker; wife, Jolynn Jensen Stagg.

NÜRNBERG GERMANY STAKE: (April 10, 2022) President — Daniel Lehi Schwartz, 45, Logima Software GmbH managing director; succeeding Lehi K. Schwartz; wife, Diana Schönsteiner Schwartz. Counselors — Daniel Werner Auras, 44, middle school teacher; wife, Andrea Maria Wechsler Auras. Martin Jonathan Pfister, 38, Clario trainer and First Aid and Fire Protection Pfister first aid and fire protection instructor; wife, Stephanie Nicole Stone Pfister.

PARIS FRANCE EAST STAKE: (May 8, 2022) President — Jonathan Damien Vuthy Judas, 36, Alphabet France head of management control; succeeding David Magalhaes; wife, Hélène Elisabeth Badjily Judas. Counselors — Eliott Jean Mourier, 37, Micropole data compliance manager; wife, Aurélie Léopoldine Calogera Stoumont Mourier. Frédéric Edouard Henri Fournier, 39, Coface key account sales manager; wife, Anna Jane King Fournier.

QUEEN CREEK ARIZONA EAST STAKE: (Feb. 27, 2022) President — Brian Cody Solomon, 38, Sportsmans Concrete Inc. vice president and owner; succeeding Daniel G. Oakes; wife, Natalie Ruth Riffey Solomon. Counselors — Terry Lee Fair, 61, Gilbert Public Schools district athletic warehouse supervisor; wife, Alicia Ruth Rusk Fair. Ryan Tracy Dahle, 40, Olympus Construction Management owner; wife, Megan Mitsuki Crapo Dahle.

RIO DE JANEIRO BRAZIL JACAREPAGUÁ STAKE: (Feb. 20, 2022) President — Tiago de Melo Ferreira, 38, Cisco product sales executive; succeeding Ramiro de Queiroz Martins Silva; wife, Natália Rosa Cervinho Ferreira. Counselors — Rui Marcelo Dos Santos Gonçalves, 49, Condomínio Saint Vivant manager; wife, Luciane Manduca Gonçalves. Danilo Luiz Amarante Gomes, 35, Saint-gobain sales executive; wife, Mayara Correa Gomes.

SUMNER WASHINGTON STAKE: (Feb. 27, 2022) President — David Mathew Brower, 51, Sumner School District assistant superintendent; succeeding Michael S. Nelson; wife, Adrienne Suzette Eostre Berner Brower. Counselors — John Leroy Wallstrum, 54, The Boeing Company technical analyst; wife, Brenda Louise Stoller Wallstrum. Keavin Glenn McIntosh, 51, dentist and Pierce College professor; wife, Rhonda Lynn Guymon McIntosh.

VINEYARD UTAH STAKE: (May 22, 2022) President — Aaron William Johnston, 47, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints director of Church magazines; succeeding Roger E. Kloepfer; wife, Lauren Keller Johnston. Counselors — James Packer Smith, 43, Brigham Young University associate professor; wife, Kimberly Randall Smith. Cory Dalan Macy, 47, LUMEA vice president of finance; wife, Debra Lynn Moake Macy.

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