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Family matters: Family Values Award given to honorary consul in the Philippines

Family matters: Family Values Award given to honorary consul in the Philippines

If family history records are considered treasure, then Honorary Consul Victorino R. Floro Jr. may be considered the ultimate treasure hunter.

When collecting family records began in the ’70s, the Church named Floro the man for the job in the Philippines. He has traveled far and wide through unmapped mountains, towns, cities, places of conflict and remote areas to fulfill his duties and has been a major contributor in tracking down such valuable information.

Through microfilming, using film to reduce material size, 80% of Philippine Catholic records and documents from schools and government agencies have been gathered with Floro being a key component. This also includes birth, death and marriage records, resulting in over 60 million Filipino and Asian documents to show for his 20-plus years of service.

Unexpectedly for Floro, his work has greatly influenced others. “At that time, we did not realize the impact our work would have and we are thankful now that it has helped many families,” Floro said in a Philippines Area Newsroom release.

Rightfully so, Floro was honored for his efforts with the Family Values Award on May 11 in White Plains, Quezon City. This award, given by the Church, recognizes individuals who strive further the values and standards that are in accordance with the Church, within communities.

Elder Taniela B. Wakolo, a General Authority Seventy and president of the Philippines Area, said, “As a Church, we strongly value the importance of the family and appreciate all responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere who promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.”

Floro’s endeavors have proven extremely beneficial to individuals, families and the Church in its support toward family history and family relationships. Floro has exhibited the value that is in family connection and illustrated that through family history work, a family affair, may be a worldwide affair.

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