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New leaders called to serve in 10 stakes in London, Nigeria and North America


A meetinghouse in Erda, Utah.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

AMERICAN FORK UTAH CENTRAL STAKE: (May 1, 2022) President — Kirk Porter Johnson, 42, Alpine School District junior high school principal; succeeding Bryant K. Kettle; wife, Christy Lavee Atwood Johnson. Counselors — John Franklin Hall IV, 45, Brightside therapist and Telos chief quality officer and director of research; wife, Jacqueline Healey Hall. Kevin S Bishop, 48, Oak Hills Land Surveying owner and manager; wife, Amy Child Bishop.

EPHRAIM UTAH YSA 1ST STAKE: (April 10, 2022) President — Jed Morgan Bailey, 49, self-employed farmer and rancher; succeeding Ryan W. Robison; wife, Tammy Lynn Duncan Bailey. Counselors — Dennis Nordfelt Jr., 55, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion institute instructor; wife, Marcelle Cheshire Nordfelt. Stephen Ray Cornelsen, 49, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion curriculum services specialist; wife, Brittany Lyn Johnson Cornelsen.

IBADAN NIGERIA NORTH STAKE: (May 8, 2022) President — Eleazar Ubandire Onwuka, 58, Kokason Multi-Ventures CEO; succeeding O. Peter Apantaku; wife, Ulonwandi Karachi Nwosu Onwuka. Counselors — Lucky Precious Anaile, 55, self-employed director; wife, Olufunmilayo Olaniyi F. Adesanya Anaile. Charles Godwin Ayodele, 32, self-employed; wife, Ekikere Nelson Akai Ayodele.

LONDON ENGLAND HYDE PARK STAKE: (May 8, 2022) President — Mitchell Charles Freestone, 60, MFS Investment Management UK associate general counsel; succeeding Christopher B. Stephenson; wife, Lucy Isabella Gilmour Freestone. Counselors — Thiago Migliorini Tenório, 39, Four Seasons Hotel finance assistant; wife, Marina Renata Mosella Tenório. David James Arnold, 30, Oliver Wyman associate junior manager; wife, Loira Losada Benito Arnold.

PARIS IDAHO STAKE: (May 22, 2022) President — Jordan Robert Jensen, 42, real estate appraiser; succeeding Shane D. Roberts; wife, Heidi Pugmire Jensen. Counselors — Lawrence La Vaughn Asay, 68, retired; wife, Marilyn Lamborn Asay. Dallas Layne Clark, 53, physical therapist; wife, Ane Marie Rigby Clark.

PAYSON UTAH STAKE: (May 15, 2022) President — Aaron Wayne Johnson, 51, Brigham Young University professor; succeeding Mark N. Kershaw; wife, Renae Mary Brown Johnson. Counselors — Robert William Carter, 62, Verisk Analytics construction team manager; wife, Gayla Sue Bascom Carter. Justin Truit Dykstra, 45, principal and teacher; wife, Sindy Leah Lewis Dykstra.

POCATELLO IDAHO YSA STAKE: (April 10, 2022) President — Kenneth Leslie Southwick, 57, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion preservice trainer; succeeding Douglas E. Hill; wife, Andrea Lynn Schoenfeld Southwick. Counselors — Ted Travis Bell, 52, assistant principal and athletic director; wife, Denise Ann Allen Bell. Robert Vern Briscoe, 48, Veritiv Corporation territory sales representative; wife, Lori Ann Smart Briscoe.

SAINT JOHN NEW BRUNSWICK STAKE: (April 10, 2022) President — Randall Douglas MacKay, 52, Veterans Affair Canada senior operations manager; succeeding David A. Spragg; wife, Elizabeth Jean Drennan MacKay. Counselors — Mark Alexander Reid, 45, Kenebacasis Self Storage and Reid’s Accounting owner; wife, Rachel Ann Murray Reid. Jason John Clayton, 41, Rising Tide Treasures online reseller and City of Saint John designated parks supervisor; wife, Erin Dawn Clark Clayton.

SALT LAKE HOLLADAY YSA STAKE: (April 17, 2022) President — Lynn Haymore Pace, 61, Sandy City city attorney; succeeding Bruce Y. Newton; wife, Lisa Oldroyd Pace. Counselors — Michael Frederick Pingree, 51, eye physician and surgeon; wife, Jennifer Fotheringham Pingree. Stephen Matthew Dalton, 52, DesignTeam Inc. vice president; wife, Sheri Lyn Schnek Dalton.

SALT LAKE PIONEER YSA STAKE: (April 24, 2022) President — David Lynn Brown, 51, Beehive Bonds surety agent; succeeding James W. McConkie; wife, Lynda Finau Brown. Counselors — Stephen Eric Blake, 49, Target lead software engineer; wife,Michelle Lundberg Blake. James Paul Christensen, 56, Callware Technologies Inc. president and CEO; wife, Patricia Paxton Christensen.

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