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Church helps develop new drinking water system for people in Panama

Church helps develop new drinking water system for people in Panama

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, working with Solea Water, developed a new project to install drinking water systems in the Emberá-Wounaan region in the province of Darien, Panama.

Three new wells and a water system were installed on June 25 to supply safe drinking water to more than 245 homes, reported the Church’s Panama Newsroom.

Families were carrying water from the Chico River to their homes, which was unsafe. The water system will improve the standard of living, health and hygiene for more than a thousand people in the region.

The community also has the capacity to maintain, finance and improve their own water system in the future. 

Clean and safe water has been a primary focus for the Church for many years in its humanitarian work, because it is so critical to quality of life, families and communities. 

The Church’s latest annual humanitarian report said, “The goal of the Church to provide communities with access to clean water focuses on the sanctity, purpose, and importance of life. In addition, the Church works to ensure sustainability by training local communities on hygiene and sanitation best practices, as well as on the maintenance of their water systems.”

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